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"There is nothing that I enjoy more than sitting in my favorite chair on my deck on a cool night sipping your hot chocolate and savoring the moment." Kathy Schneller,
Peekskill, NY

Southwest Beverages

Southwest Beverages manufactures and sells premium quality gourmet flavored dry mix beverages under the brand names, Sippity®-hot cocoa mix and Kemosabe®-gourmet coffee. All of our gourmet flavored products contain the best made American ingredients and are 99.9 % caffeine and 100 % gluten free. To prepare our easily dissolvable products simply add water, microwave and then enjoy the Comfort In A Cup® experience. Our Sippity Lite® and Kemosabe Lite® products offer the same great taste and full body aroma as our regular products but with less than 2 grams of sugar per serving.

Sippity® Hot Cocoa Mix

"Our Sippity® and Sippity Lite® hot cocoa mix products are designed to provide you with instant Comfort In A Cup® gratification. Each of our gourmet blended flavors will warm your heart and hands and soothe your mind on those inclement days when you are seeking some sweet relief. "
Susan Jenkins, Founder

Kemosabe® Gourmet Coffee

"Whether it's friends around the kitchen table, students up late studying for exams, or cowboys gathered around a campfire, coffee has always been a magnet for the gathering of trusted friends. This is why we named our brand Kemosabe" - 'Trusted Friend'."
Bob Jenkins, Founder

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Southwest Beverages takes great pride in offering its consumer better quality products at fairer prices. Simply put, we make the highest, premium quality, best hot chocolate mix, best tasting instant coffee and best tasting gluten free coffee gourmet flavored products you will find in today’s market and at affordable, fairer prices.

In addition to finding great products on our website, we also have plenty of information that you can use in relation to these products. So whether you're searching for fundraising ideas, handy coffee making tips, fun new recipes with hot chocolate mix or delicious drinks to make at home, you're sure to find something new and interesting for your enjoyment.