12 Time-Saving Tips for School Mornings

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 10/6/2014

save time in the morningSome households run like clockwork. Everyone wakes on time, gets ready without conflict and waits by the door to leave on schedule. For most of us, however, mornings can be hectic and stressful. Families with kids know just how easily a morning can spin out of control, and that type of poor start can really ruin a day. With the school year underway with busy days, use these tips to save some time in the morning.

1. Drink instant coffee or hot chocolate.

If youíre one of those people who need something warm in your stomach in the morning, I know just how you feel. Instead of waiting for your favorite drink to brew, choose something that can be prepared instantly. Youíll get that pick-me-up you need right away to tackle your day.Sippity® instant hot chocolate or Kemosabe® instant coffee are delectable gourmet quality choices.

2. Delegate to older children.

Itís a fact of life that older kids help parents with the younger ones, especially if the child is significantly older than his or her little sibling. Rather than wait on the couch playing games on their phone, have the older siblings make breakfast, help a little one get dressed or pack the car.

3. Keep essentials in the same place.

Coats, shoes, hats, keys and bags should be set in the same place every evening, ideally right near the door. Last minute cries of ďMom, where are my shoes?Ē are unacceptable. These things should never be lost. If you have the room for a cabinet, assign each child a cubby with hooks for jackets, backpacks, etc. and a space for shoes and sneakers-this eliminates the morning scramble.

4. Play music in the morning.

Thereís no need to be quiet in the mornings. In fact, you can liven up your home by playing some peppy music with a good tempo. It will subconsciously put everyone in an energetic mood to get things done.

5. Consider your kidsí schedules the night before.

In the evening, make sure your kids have completed all their homework and assignments, and be sure everything is in their bag. Do they need gym clothes? Should they bring an instrument? Are any fees due, or do you need to sign anything? Set everything by the door so you have to step over it to get out of the house.

6. Check the weather.

In our age of personal devices, checking the weather should be easy, but itís still important. You donít want to step out your door to realize youíre overdressed or underdressed for the day.

7. Have the kids bathe in the evening.

Even if the kids bath or shower themselves without your supervision, you can save a lot of time in the mornings by doing it in the evening. This also lets them take as long as they prefer without making everyone late.

8. Discuss issues involving the family and spousal business issues the night before.

The last thing you need in the morning is for you to have to discuss a complicated or unpleasant event with your spouse relating to the family or their business. Upsetting news radiates to all family members and sets the tone for all to have an uncomfortable day.

9. Get to bed early.

Early to bed, early to rise. Nothingís worse for a parent than dragging a tired, cranky kid out of bed in the morning because they were up late the night before playing video games or watching TV. Children are much more helpful and motivated to get the day going when theyíve received a proper nightís rest. Be firm with bedtimes and wake times and it wonít take long for everyone to fall into a healthy routine.

10. Be the first one out of bed.

When I was younger and my mother woke me up, she was always showered and dressed for work. She got herself ready while we slept and then focused entirely on us. Itís also a faster way to teach kids to care for themselves because mom or dad is right there leading us along.

11. Set out the kids clothes the night before.

Children over four years old are usually capable of dressing themselves, but often not so quick about picking out their own clothes. Setting out their clothes can let them take care of themselves and save you a few minutes (and some stress).

12. Delegate bathroom time.

If your bathroom space is limited, donít let one child hog the bathroom. Get a timer and set a time limit for each (depending on their needs) and police it firmly. If one child requires more time, wake that child earlier.

Bonus tip:One of our favorite products for kids to use in the bathroom is the Aqueduck faucet extender by a Peachy, Co.Itís a nifty device that attaches to the sink faucet and makes the water stream go closer towards your child.Now little ones do not need to be picked up or held while washing hands, brushing teeth, etc.

And finally, and most important, always, always kiss and hug them goodbye regardless of their age.

Written by Susan Jenkins, Co-Founder, Southwest Beverages

As a founder of the company, and a key member of the team, Susan has set up all systems and procedures that efficiently receive and process all orders. Passionate about what she does, Susan provides that critical administrative link between our customers and the company by answering all customers inquires, supplying product information, price quotes, processing orders and investigating, evaluating, and resolving all customer complaints.In addition, Susan maintains a close working relationship with all company employees, vendors, wholesalers, retailers and fund raising organizations to ensure that their needs and requirements are meet.



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