Picasso’s Legacy-KEMOSABE Gourmet Flavored Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 4/21/2016

“Hey, Picasso, let’s take a coffee break,” I called out to my partner, Vinny Macchiaroli, who was atop a forty-foot ladder painting the second story flear-d-lis trim details of a victorian house we were painting. Years ago, I had given Vinny the nickname “Picasso” when he first started painting the finer details on the interior and exterior of houses.

“I’ll be down in a few minutes. I just need to finish this section,” he mumbled back with one small paint bush between his teeth and an angled brush in his right hand that he had just dipped in the gallon of white paint that was suspended from the ladder.

“You know, Picasso, this is what I will always remember about you. How meticulous you are in your attention to details.”

“I hope you remember me for the thermos of Kemosabe gourmet flavored coffee I brought you every morning for the past twenty-two years,” Picasso called back as he started to paint the last flear-d-lis panel. “You sure drink enough of it,” he added.

“That I do, Picasso. To be honest after all these years I still don’t know which flavored coffee I like best-mocha, chocolate cinnamon, chocolate hazelnut, crème butterscotch, French vanilla or chocolate irish cream.”

“I personally love the French vanilla flavored coffee,” Picasso called back. “Well except for St. Patrick’s day when I drink the chocolate irish cream flavored coffee to celebrate your heritage,” he added, referring to the fact that my name is Patrick O’Boyle and I came to America from Athy, Ireland when I was just 6-years-old.

“Well then, Picasso, all this talk about coffee is making me thirsty. I’ll meet you around front where I’ll be sitting on the tailgate of my F-150 enjoying a nice warm cup of chocolate cinnamon flavored coffee.”

dry mix beveragesWritten by Bob Jenkins, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Southwest Beverages

Bob has had the privilege of working for some of America's largest and well run public and private companies, including Philip Morris, Canada Dry, Dr Pepper, Cadbury Schweppes, Snapple Beverage Corporation, Tasker Capital Corp. and The Water Club and River Cafe - two of New York's finest fine dining restaurants. He has worked in various capacities as Finance Manager, Controller, Director of Finance, Vice President Finance & Administration, Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Bob holds a Masters of Business Administration degree in accounting from the University of Tennessee and a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Arizona.

Southwest Beverages is a manufacturer and marketer of two brands of premium quality dry mix beverages: Sippity hot-cocoa mix and Kemosabe gourmet flavored coffee. All Southwest Beverages products are uniquely blended flavors that contain all the ingredients necessary for you to enjoy the ultimate hot beverage experience. Simply add water and stir-then sip, savor and enjoy.

For more information, please visit www.southwestbeverages.com.

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