The Difference Between Hot Cocoa and Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 10/30/2014

hot cocoa vs hot chocolateInterestingly, many people use the terms “hot cocoa” and “hot chocolate” interchangeably. Most people don’t know there’s a difference. While both beverages can be topped with whip cream, cinnamon sticks, peppermint sticks, sprinkles, or even orange slices, there are several differences.

7 Ways to Make Your Grandkids Love Coming Over

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 10/23/2014

make grandkids love coming to visitBeing a grandparent is a fun time in your life. You get to enjoy the company of children without much of the responsibility. You have the opportunity to be a positive, supportive, caring person in a child’s life, but since you don’t get to see them every day, you have to nurture that relationship. Here are some ways you can make your grandchildren love coming over to visit.

Fall Themed Treats to Share With Family and Friends

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 10/21/2014

fall dessertsFall is a lovely time to host a get-together or party. Hopefully your family has some birthdays or baby showers planned for this season. If not, Halloween is right around the corner and the perfect excuse for a party. Desserts are fun to make, but I like to keep them relatively simple (nothing gourmet or over-the-top fancy) so that my kids can help out. Here are some fall desserts that your friends will love and your kids can help you make.

Featured Recipe: SIPPITY® Chocolate Banana Hot Chocolate Smoothie

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 10/16/2014

featured instant hot cocoa recipeThis recipe is an interesting take on your traditional mug of hot cocoa. It’s cooling off in many parts of the country, but I think everyone enjoys a smoothie, even on the cold days. If you aren’t into hot beverages in the morning, this is a great replacement.

9 Ways to Relax After a Long Day at Work

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 10/14/2014

ways to relaxIn this day and age, there’s no hiding the fact that American are working longer hours than any other people on earth. While the quality of work turned out by Americans is far superior to any where else in the world it is not without its consequences. Those consequences most likely being the pressure you've experienced from work that radiates to your family and friends after work. America, we need to relax after work and we need to work at how to relax after work. So relax - get a drink and come back and read here about some ways you can relax after a long day at work.

10 Fall Activities Every Family Will Cherish

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 10/9/2014

fall family activitiesPoll a hundred people about their favorite season and most of them will say fall. The time when summer has ended, but the weather is still great is the best time to get out and do something fun. Before you find yourself stuck inside for the winter and your kids get deep into their studies, use this season to spend some quality time with your family. Here are some suggested activities your family will love.

12 Time-Saving Tips for School Mornings

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 10/6/2014

save time in the morningSome households run like clockwork. Everyone wakes on time, gets ready without conflict and waits by the door to leave on schedule. For most of us, however, mornings can be hectic and stressful. Families with kids know just how easily a morning can spin out of control, and that type of poor start can really ruin a day. With the school year underway with busy days, use these tips to save some time in the morning.

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