Voted Most "Gifted" This Christmas - SIPPITY Gourmet Hot Cocoa Mix

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/19/2015

Because the chocolate and chocolate marshmallow gourmet flavors are the perfect flavors for your children and because the chocolate raspberry, chocolate cinnamon and chocolate peppermint are the perfect gourmet flavors for adults its no wonder that Sippity gourmet hot cocoa mix is sweeping the nation this Christmas as the most “gifted” stocking stuffer gift.

KEMOSABE Gourmet Coffee - Caffeine Free Coffee As It Should Be

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/19/2015

“Janice, how come you’re so calm in the morning?” my team member asked while I was enjoying my mug of coffee in the break room. 

“It’s because I drink caffeine free coffee not only in the morning but all day long. It removes my “jitters”.

“Janice, can I try some? I’m feeling a little “jittery” myself this morning.”

“Sure Sally,” I happily replied. “Let’s see which of the Kemosabe coffee flavored envelopes I have left,” I added as I reached for the Kemosabe flavored collection box I had stored in my locker. “Would you like to try chocolate hazelnut? Or perhaps chocolate cinnamon? Oh, and this one, this is my favorite, crème butterscotch. Before I could continue, Sally choose the crème butterscotch.

Inspiring. Natural. Comforting. – SIPPITY Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/18/2015

Humans are creatures of habit. They say it takes 21 consecutive days of altering your existing routine to change a habit. While this might be true in a controlled environment exactly how we humans react to an unexpected change to our daily routine is a function of the how that person manages the change. 

This morning for example, while on my way to work, about twenty miles east of Terre Haute, Indiana on I-70 all of a sudden my front left tire blew out causing me to swerve towards the right shoulder narrowingly missing what appeared to me to be a young mother driving with her infant in the rear car seat. “Thank goodness,” I whispered to myself as my car rolled to a stop, after taking a deep breath.

Time To Turn Heads – SIPPITY Chocolate Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/17/2015

On my way to work this morning I come to accept that the inclement weather that Cleveland is known for from November to March has arrived. Its 34 degrees, dark on the way to work, gray overcast sky and bare trees. Gloomy, at best. Nevertheless, I head into the office only to find the usual people assembled in the break room chattering about the usual subjects-politics, sex and the NFL.

No sooner did I begin to mix the contents from the single serve envelope of Sippity chocolate raspberry hot chocolate I brought from home into my mug then literally all heads turns towards me. “Wow!” Sam from MIS stated. “That hot chocolate smells delicious.”

“Is that raspberry? Cynthia from customer service asked.

The Gift Of Comfort & Joy – SIPPITY Hot Cocoa Mix

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/17/2015

This Christmas give a gift that defines the season of comfort and joy-Sippity hot cocoa mix. Available eight single serve envelopes to a box in six gourmet hot cocoa flavors-chocolate, chocolate marshmallow, chocolate cinnamon, chocolate peppermint, chocolate and pumpkin spice, you can rest assured that you gift will bring joy to its receiptant who will experience its comfort for eight days. 

“Chill” Time – SIPPITY Chocolate Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/16/2015

You’ve been out on the trails since Killington Ski Resort first opened this morning. You have endured the 18 degree temperatures and conquered four double diamond and six intermediate trails. You decide, it time to “chill”. Your mind starts to get ahead of you as you head down the slopes towards the ski lodge where the warmth and delicious taste of a cup of hot chocolate and a roaring fire in the massive six foot wide fireplace awaits.

Twenty five minutes later you find yourself sitting on the granite stone hearth, boots off-moccasins on, cradling a 16 ounce container of Sippity chocolate cinnamon hot chocolate in your hands while the roaring fire warms your back. 

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