It’s All In Good Taste-KEMOSABE Mocha Flavored Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/30/2016

“You know, Kenny, I’m getting sick and tired of you playing practical jokes on me, particularly this early in the morning,” my twenty-year-old brother yelled out to me from the shower after he had discovered that I had replaced the soap in the bottle of Head and Shoulders with hand soap. “This is not funny! He proclaimed in an angry tone.

“I’ll be downstairs making coffee,” I called back. “Be ready in ten minutes. I can’t be late for my physics class today. We’re having our mid-term test,” I added.

Scoring A “Touchdown” With Sippity Flavored Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/28/2016

In my opinion, there is no greater experience in college football than attending a football game at Michie Stadium at West Point. The mere history of West Point, its rich history, stadium and the time-honored presentation of the troops makes me proud to have been a member of the class of 1987. Every year for the last home game in November my wife, Joanna, and I venture to West Point from our apartment in Manhattan for a tailgate reunion with my college buddies. While there are many events that make the day enjoyable the one that Joanna and I enjoy the most is the forty-five-minute journey to West Point aboard Seastreak’s Catamaran, which enables us to enjoy a relaxing river cruise while enjoying the full glory of the late autumn foliage set along the banks of the historic Hudson River.  

Unbound Luxury-KEMOSABE Chocolate Hazelnut Instant Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/27/2016

My wife, Tori, and I, earlier this week, agreed that this weekend we would go shopping for a new car. As the week progressed we reminisced about the “clunker” cars we brought when we first got married and the many used cars we had purchased over the years out of necessity. Towards the end of the week we had discussions on buying a new car, a new luxury car, perhaps a Mercedes, or a Lexus, Acura, BMW or a Volvo. Last night we agreed to buy a Mercedes, a silver GLE 350 SUV to be exact.

“Welcome to Mercedes,” the well-dressed salesman announced as he extended his hand towards me moments after we entered the Mercedes showroom.

“Hello, my name is Blake and this is my wife, Toni,” I replied as I shook his hand.

“Nice to meet both of you. My name is Alex. Welcome to Mercedes showroom. Please feel free to look around at your leisure. May I get you some coffee?”

Dazzle Your Son-In-Law-Sippity Lite Diet Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/25/2016

“What a great Thanksgiving meal,” my daughter’s husband stated to me moments after he greeted me in my kitchen the morning after Thanksgiving Day.

“Why, thank you Mark,” I replied. “Did you sleep well?”

“Yes. I love coming here not only to visit with you and Dan but for the crisp, cold, fresh air,” he replied, referring to visiting my husband, Dan, and I at our home in Weston, Vermont. “I slept like a baby,” he added.

“Is Jessie up? I asked, referring to my daughter.

“She’ll be down in a minute.”

“I guess I better start to prepare Jessie’s favorite drink?” I stated as I began to walk towards the cabinet to get a box of Sippity Lite chocolate cinnamon diet hot chocolate.

“What’s that?” Mark curiously asked.

“Sippity Lite chocolate cinnamon diet hot chocolate. She absolutely loves it.”

“I did not know that.”

“Before you married her I would make her a cup every morning.”

“Every morning?”

The Meaning of Thanksgiving

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/24/2016

Since first published in 2013, many of the blog followers, customers and vendors of Southwest Beverages have asked us to republish the following blog each Thanksgiving because it touched their hearts, made them have discussions at their Thanksgiving table with their family members about their past, which then strengthened their family values and instilled in them the need for us to help those less fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving, Susan, Kevin & Bob Jenkins, Co-Founders, Southwest Beverages

As I was flying into Chicago last week, I looked out the window of the plane and down onto that beautiful city and thought-in one week not only will the 10 million people of Chicago sit down to basically the same turkey Thanksgiving meal, but all of America will do likewise and all within three to four hours of one another. Mindboggling, to say the least, and certainly a long way from the first Thanksgiving of 1620. 

Flying High With Captain Crunch and KEMOSABE Gourmet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/23/2016

“I feel so violated,” Jackie said to me as she exited the security viewing machine at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix. “I absolutely hate this process!”

“Doesn’t it feel like the person viewing the image is mentally groping your body?” I asked as Jackie entered the “dressing” area where I was putting my pumps back on.

“Thank God I’m wearing my new Victoria lace panties,” Jackie jokingly replied putting her handbag, computer bag and shoes on the floor and then took a seat next to me.

 “That’s what I always liked about you, Jackie, your sense of humor. You’re always able to find the good in everything.”

“Well, Jimmy, why don’t we find the good in some coffee. This 6:48 AM flight is way too early for me. I need some coffee.”

Giving Thanks for SIPPITY Hot Cocoa Mix

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/22/2016

“Boy, whose idea was it to have a tailgate party?” I stated to the group of nine Riverdale high school football parents gathered around Sammy’s SUV eating various pastries on Thanksgiving morning. “It must be freezing out here,” I added.

“Tommy, it’s a play-off game,” declared the linebacker’s mom, Joy.

“Yeah, Tommy, get with the program the quarterbacks father stated. “We haven’t been in the playoffs in 18 years let alone playing in today’s championship game.”

“Just as I had stated, “I need something to warm me up,” the coach’s wife arrived holding a 25 pack of Sippity Hot Cocoa mix packets. “Hi everyone,” Cindy happily stated. “What a great day. Today our boys will become state champs. I can feel it.”

“Well, I’m glad you can fell something, Cindy” I sarcastically injected, “because it’s so cold out here that I can’t feel anything anymore.”

“Well then, Tommy,” Cindy replied, “this should help warm you up,” she added as she handed me the box of Sippity hot cocoa mix.

Putting “Trust” Into Your KEMOSABE Gourmet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/18/2016

This morning, while I was enjoying my Kemosabe French Vanilla flavored gourmet coffee, I told my wife about the medical diagnosis my doctor gave me yesterday. After a ten-minute conversation, she told me to get a second opinion, which I certainly will do.

After my wife left the breakfast table, I sat there and thought about what had just transpired relative to the concept of trust. I though about the level of trust I had in my doctor, who while his diagnosis might be correct lead me to question my trust in him, yet I completely accepted my wife’s opinion with the utmost level of trust.

“Stirring” It Up With SIPPITY Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/17/2016

We’ve all had these days when you wake up healthy, happy and full of energy and look forward to going to work. That is until you arrive at work and learn from your colleagues your supervisor is very upset with a number of “things” and has called a meeting for 10:00 AM to “stir” things up. These are usually little things like having numerous charting errors if you’re a nurse, or footing errors if you’re an accountant or in my case, as the company’s customer service representative having shipped something incorrectly. Nevertheless, my supervisor is hell bent on making a mountain out of a mole hill, to make a point.

Jane, my co-worker, and I arrived at the conference room ten minutes early so that we could position ourselves as far away from our supervisor as possible and allow time for us to prepare two containers of chocolate cinnamon hot chocolate. Exactly at ten our supervisor entered the room. Without saying good morning, she looked to me as I was stirring the contents in the container of chocolate cinnamon hot chocolate. 

Fall’s Best Comfort Food-SIPPITY Pumpkin Spice Flavored Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/16/2016

Sometimes conversations drift to not so relevant subjects, after all one of the most popular television shows of all time, Seinfeld, was based on “nothing” as one of the lead characters, George, defined it. Such was the case last weekend when several of my teenage friends and I were “hanging-out” shooting the breeze. Joey randomly asked, “So, what do you guys think is fall’s best comfort food?”

Janice immediately replied, “Sweet-potato fries.”

“Yeah, weren’t they great,” Kelly injected, referring to the fact that she and Janice shared a basket of sweet potato friends at the Big-E fall festival last weekend.

“My vote is for some nice, spicy hot wings,” Paul suggested.

“But you can eat spicy hot wings all year long, therefore there not necessarily falls best comfort food,” Billy stated.

“My favorite is this right here,” Terry stated as he dipped a french fry into the portion of ketchup inside the basket of french fries he was holding and then ate it.

“That could be it,” Eddie added as he reached into Terry’s basket of french fries and pulled out two french fries.

“Again, guys,” Billy began. “You can eat french fries all year long.”

“I think fall’s best comfort food is Sippity pumpkin spice flavored hot chocolate,” Colleen suggested.

Cause & Effect-KEMOSABE Caffeine Free Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/15/2016

As a high school junior, I have always looked forward to going to science class mainly because of the various experiments our teacher, Mr. Zetterberg, performs and the discussions we have on various scientific subjects that make me think. Take for example today, we are going to learn about cause and effect.

“Today we will be learning about the most certain scientific principle, cause and effect.” I heard Mr. Zetterberg say as I walked into his class a few minutes late holding a 16-ounce container of Kemosabe mocha flavored caffeine free coffee. “This principle has been universally accepted in the world of experimental science and been the subject of continuous vigorous discussions and debates for thousands of years between theologists and philosophers. Does anyone have an idea about the first cause?”

Let’s Go Someplace New Today-KEMOSABE Gourmet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/13/2016

“You know, Karen, we grew up in New York and now each live-in Manhattan and I bet if I ask you what sightseeing places you have been to you will tell me less than a handful of those a visitor to the city has seen,” I stated to my girlfriend as I was sitting on her couch on Sunday morning reading the New York Times.”

“You’re probably right, Mark. Outside of a going to the Statute of Liberty when I was in fourth grade and going to the Empire State Building when my Uncle Eddie came to New York twelve years ago I haven’t seen anything.”

“Well then Karen let’s go someplace new today.”

“I’m up for it. What do you have in mind?”

“Why don’t we take the subway down to the Freedom Tower and then we can walk down to the Battery and take the Staten Island Ferry over to Staten Island, have some lunch and come back,” I suggested.

“That sounds like a wonderful day out, Mark. Give me twenty minutes to get dressed and we on our way.

Veterans Day-Honoring All Who Served

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/11/2016

I think there is one higher office than President

And I would call that Patriot.

Gary Hart

Encourage Sleeping In-KEMOSABE Crème Butterscotch Flavored Decaf Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/10/2016

“Boy has it been a long week,” I stated to my wife, Lori as we sat in the kitchen drinking Kemosabe crème butterscotch flavored decaf coffee on Friday morning as we were preparing to go to work.

“Has it ever,” she replied. “Not only has the work week been long and challenging, but it was compounded by the fact that we had company last weekend, which took a lot out of me,” she added. “I’m exhausted. To be honest, honey, I’m really looking forward to Saturday when we can sleep in.”

“So am I,” I replied. “Given the forecast of light rain and temperatures in the mid 40’s it should make for a nice, cozy Saturday morning.”

“You’re missing one thing, Larry.”

“What’s that?” I curious asked.

Goodbye Sugar-Hello Sippity Lite Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/4/2016

“Laura, you’ve got to help me,” I stated to my best friend as we randomly bumped into one another in the parking lot of Gibson High School on our way to class.

“Sure Kelly, what’s up?” I replied after I had just taken a sip from the container of Sippity Lite chocolate flavored sugar free hot chocolate I was holding.

“I can’t seem to lose any weight and with the holidays just around the corner I’m afraid that I’m going to gain at least fifteen pounds. You’re always in shape, can you help me?”

“Of course I’ll help you. People think that losing weight is extremely difficult when in fact it is quite easy.”

“How’s that?” 

What People Are Talking About-KEMOSABE Single Serve Coffee Packets

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/3/2016

“World Champs!” I yelled out as loud as I could when I walked into the Chicago MTA dispatcher’s office this morning holding a box of Kemosabe gourmet flavored coffee containing fifty single serve coffee packets of a variety of flavors, referring to the fact that the Chicago Cubs last night won the world series. Immediately everyone began to “high-five” me stating, “Finally, the Cubs won”, “We won! We won!”, “The Cubs finally did it”, and “Finally, after 108 years, we won.”

“Hey guys,” I called out, “to help us celebrate this morning a brought a box of Kemosabe gourmet flavored coffee, which contains 50 single serve coffee packets,” I stated as I held the box over my head. “Please, help yourself,” I added. “The box contains 10 single serve coffee packets each of mocha, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate cinnamon, chocolate Irish cream and french vanilla flavors.”

10 Study Tips For College Students |SIPPITY Hot Cocoa Mix

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/2/2016

At the beginning of each semester your professor tells you how he or she will grade. As part of that grading process they tell you that they will be giving you two tests plus a final. They tell you that each of the two tests will account for thirty percent of your grade with the final accounting for forty percent of your grade. Here are 10 tips that will help you study better and perform better on your tests.

High Impact Flavor-KEMOSABE Chocolate Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 11/1/2016

“Hey Jerry, what time did you say the new guy was going to start?” Paul asked referring to the new window washer the company hired to help us wash the exterior of the Luxor Hotel pyramid shaped building in Las Vegas.

“I think he’ll be here around 10,” I replied. “I saw him this morning and he told me he had to fill out some paperwork in HR first and that he would be done around 10 AM.”

“OK, then, perhaps we should set up for the next hour so that when he arrives we’re all ready to go.”

“That sounds like a plan to me.”

Shortly after 10, the new guy, Sammy, walked into our staging area holding a tray containing three containers of coffee. After he introduced himself he handed Paul and I two containers from the tray. Immediately, I replied, “This smells like hazelnut?”

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