Super Bowl Party Conversation Facts

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 1/30/2015
Super Bowl Party Conversation FactsThe Super Bowl has not always been called the Super Bowl. The first three games, which we today refer to as Super Bowls I, II and III, were called the “AFL-NFL World Championship Game”. The first AFL-NFL World Championship game was played in 1967 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum between the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs (the site was not determined until December 1, 1966, just 6 weeks before kickoff and the date of the game was not set until December 13, 1966). The Packers won 35 to 10. Attendance for the game was 61,946 (67% capacity and smallest number of people to ever view a Super Bowl game); pre-game and half-time entertainment was provided by the University of Arizona and University of Michigan marching bands; the AFC Chiefs used their league’s Spalding football while the Packers used their leagues Wilson football. “Super Bowl I”, was, and still is today, the only Super Bowl to be broadcast simultaneously by two networks-CBS, which had the television rights to the NFL games and NBC, which had the television rights to the AFL games. The owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, Lamar Hunt, first coined the term “Super Bowl” based on a Super Ball toy his kids often played with. The name “Super Bowl became official in 1969.

The Creation of Brands SIPPITY® and SIPPITY LITE®

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 1/26/2015
The Creation of Brands Sippity® and Sippity Lite®Brand Sippity® was created in 2011 by Southwest Beverage’s co-founder, Susan Jenkins, who, as a mother who raised four children in Ridgefield, CT often found that sipping hot chocolate from her favorite mug cradled in her hands on a cold winter’s day, while watching her children play outside in the snow, was an extremely comforting experience, particularly after a trying day. It is from this experience that she named the brand, Sippity®, and made its tag line, “Comfort In A Cup®”.

Sharing Life's Experiences as a Mentor

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 1/22/2015

According to Greek mythology, Mentor is the son of Heracles and Asopis and a friend to Odysseus’ son, Telemachus. When Odysseus, King of Ithaca, left to fight in the Trojan War, he entrusted Mentor with the care of his palace and education, care and well being of his son. Accordingly, mentor has become known as someone who shares their general life experiences (or specific life experiences, as the case may be) with another person (protégé) who is, often than not, less experienced-often a younger person.

Five Hearty Family Dinner Meals for Under $10.00

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 1/18/2015

Forms of Commercial Legal EntitiesWe have all been in the situation where we have been required to stretch our food budget. Here are 5 hearty dinner meals that I have prepared for my family for less than $10.00 each. Enjoy.

Forms of Commercial Legal Entities

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 1/17/2015

Forms of Commercial Legal EntitiesGenerally speaking, there are four (4) broad forms of commercial legal entities, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages with respect to taxes, ownership, legal liability, legal existence, capital infusions, selling of the business and the relationship between owners. When selecting the proper form of legal entity the owner’s vision of the company is of paramount importance and should be taken into consideration. For example, will the company be simple, that is, will all employees report to the owner? Or will the company be complex, which is, will the company be multi-divisional? Will it operate in numerous states and/or countries? Will it have numerous products? Will it be managed under a hierarchy form of organization structure?  

Five Easy Steps for You to Take Control of Your Finances

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 1/6/2015
 Five Easy Steps for You to Take to Control Your Finances The holidays are over and its time to pay the bills for all those impulse purchases you made. Assuming you’re the average family you most likely spent $1,148 on holiday gifts, mostly using credit cards. OK, well with a little self discipline and a budget you can not only paid off these debts but ensure that you’re not in the same place this time next year.

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