Hats Off To KEMOSABE LITE Iced Diet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/30/2016

So today my wife, Janice, and I are on vacation and strolling through the shops at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. It was mid-afternoon and we decided to stop at the Sweet Surrender Café and get two sixteen ounce containers of Kemosabe Lite iced french vanilla diet coffee.

“Boy is this French vanilla diet coffee ever good,” Janice stated as we exited the café and began our stroll down the mall stopping here and there to window shop.

“I told you you would enjoy the french vanilla,” I stated to Janice as we stopped in front of the “If The Hat Fits” store.

“What an interesting store,” Janice replied as we studied the fedora’s, solar weave boonie, derby, porkpie, pillbox, fisherman and big brim floppy hats on display in the store’s window. “Let’s go in.”

Within minutes of entering the store Janice had made her way to the woman’s hat section and I to the men’s section. “How does this top hat look on me?” I called out to Janice referring to the black Lincoln style top hat I had on my head.

Get In The Zone-SIPPITY Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/29/2016

“Eric, any idea what I should get my Uncle Charlie for his birthday this Thursday,” I asked my best friend as we were walking home from the dog park with my dog, Ralph. “I want to get him something that he will appreciate and that I can afford, after all he helped me a lot over the past winter fixing my car.”

“What does your Uncle do for a living?” Eric asked.

“He’s retired, but has a part time job driving the Zamboni machine at the Lake Grove Ice Rink.” No sooner than I told Eric about my Uncles part time job then the thought of a gift occurred to me. “That’s it,” I called out as I snapped my figures and stated, “I’ll get him a box of Sippity gourmet hot chocolate mix. He drinks Sippity chocolate marshmallow flavored hot chocolate all winter. He absolutely loves the stuff.”

Recipes That Use Hot Cocoa Mix-SIPPITY Chocolate Raspberry Muffins

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/28/2016

Recipe makes 12 Chocolate Raspberry Muffins


1-1.97 Ounce single serve envelope of Sippity Chocolate Raspberry flavored hot cocoa mix

1-1/2 Cups all-purpose flour

1/2 Cup Sugar

1-1/2 Teaspoons Baking Powder

1 Teaspoon Baking Soda

1/2 Teaspoon salt

3/4 Cup Milk

1/3 Cup Vegetable Oil

1 Egg

Fresh Raspberries

12 cup muffin tin

Plan Your Next Adventure With KEMOSABE Single Serve Coffee Packets

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/27/2016

This weekend, the fourth of July weekend, approximately 43 million people will “hit” the roads to seek some form of adventure or another. People will travel to beaches, friends and/or family for barbeques or go camping. The one common denominator that will occur on all these adventures is people will be with the family and/or friends seeking to have fun. So whether you sit around the kitchen table, a campfire or on a boat this weekend you most likely will be doing it with your trusted friends while you are enjoying coffee and reminiscing. We at Southwest Beverage understood the magnet coffee has for the gathering of trusted friends so well that we named our coffee brand-Kemosabe, which translates to “Trusted Friend”.

Spotlight of SIPPITY Iced Chocolate Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/25/2016

So today is Saturday and I have nothing planned, or that was until my neighbor Trevor came around at 10 AM and asked me to help him haul 1-inch gravel with him so that he could complete the curtain drain he was installing around his house before the monsoon rains began. I must admit the last thing I wanted to do was haul gravel in ninety-five-degree heat with oppressive humidity. However, I didn’t even hesitate to say yes to Trevor’s request as he has helped me on many occasions over the years with numerous projects around my house. It was payback time.

Shortly before noon, Trevor’s wife, Annie, came out to the side yard where Trevor and I were filling our wheelbarrows with gravel holding a tray containing two mason jars of iced chocolate peppermint hot chocolate. “I thought you guys could use a break about now,” she stated as she took one of the jars of iced chocolate peppermint hot chocolate from the tray and handed it to me. “It’s iced chocolate peppermint hot chocolate,” she added.

Finally A Great Tasting Instant Coffee-KEMOSABE Instant Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/23/2016

“Finally, Josie, I found a great tasting instant coffee,” I stated to my best friend as we sitting in my kitchen talking about summer activities for our children. “Would you like to try some?”

“I usually don’t drink instant coffee but from the aroma that is radiating from your cup, yes, thank you.”

“I hope chocolate hazelnut is OK?” I asked as I began to pour the contents from the single serve chocolate hazelnut envelope into the mug of hot water I just removed from the microwave.

“That’s it, Kelley!” Jose stated in amazement referring to the fact that it only took ninety seconds to microwave the cup of Kemosabe chocolate hazelnut instant coffee I just handed her. “Wow! This is absolutely for sure the best tasting instant coffee I ever had and perhaps one of the best cups of coffee I ever had,” she enthusiastically stated after she took a sip from her cup. “I can’t believe it’s instant coffee.”

“I told you it was great tasting instant coffee.”

“Boy, were you ever right about that,” Josie said as she took another sip from her cup.

Time To Chill-SIPPITY LITE Iced Diet Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/22/2016

“It’s time to chill, guys,” my mom stated as she walked into the garage with a tray containing three glasses of Sippity Lite iced diet hot chocolate. “I thought you guys could use a break about now given this heat,” she added referring to the fact that for the past three hours my friends, Paul and Barry where helping me pack the contents of our garage for our move to Dayton, Ohio later in the week in ninety-degree heat.

“You’re the best Mom,” I called out as I dropped the container of bubble wrap and began walking towards my mom.

“What a pleasant surprise,” Barry stated as he headed towards my mom who had her hand extended in his direction holding a glass of iced diet hot chocolate.

“I hope you guys like chocolate marshmallow flavored diet hot chocolate?” my mom asked as she handed Paul his glass of iced hot chocolate.

Unconditional Love Has One Condition-SIPPITY Iced Chocolate Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/21/2016

“Hi Emily,” I said to my girlfriend over the phone shortly after I had ordered a Sippity iced chocolate raspberry hot chocolate at the Bake My Day Café during my morning break. “We need to meet and talk about things,” I added, referring to the fact that our relationship of nearly two years had rapidly deteriorated over the past two weeks.

“That sounds like a good idea, Ryan. Where do you want to meet?”

“How about Nick’s? It the bar & grill on Lowell.”

“I know the place.”

“Say six?”

“I’ll see you then.”

After I had hung up with Emily, I wish I had taken more time to talk to her rather than simply calling her to set up a time to meet while I was standing in line waiting for my container of iced chocolate raspberry hot chocolate. How cold of me. What was I thinking, I thought as I picked up my container of iced raspberry hot chocolate and made my way to the outdoor seating area. I needed to think quietly for ten minutes before I returned to work about Emily and where our relationship was headed.

Beat The Heat-SIPPITY Iced Chocolate Marshmallow Flavored Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/20/2016

One of the most refreshing drinks you can have on a hot summers day is iced flavored hot chocolate. People, for the most part, do not associate hot chocolate as a summer beverage even if it is iced. Or at least that was until about a year ago when iced flavored hot chocolate increased in popularity.

Today, In the morning when I go to my local café I see people ordering iced flavored hot chocolate more than coffee. As a result, a number of major brand name companies have come out with iced flavored hot chocolate drinks. In a quick survey of ten people at my office, I found seven people drank at least one container of iced flavored hot chocolate each day while three drank iced coffee each day. Of the seven who drank iced flavored hot chocolate, five mentioned their favorite brand to be Sippity hot chocolate.

Restore Your Body’s Rhythm-KEMOSABE Gourmet Flavored Coffee Packets

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/19/2016

Your body-the human body-one of the finest tuned “machines” on earth. Think about it for a minute. The human body’s normal temperature is 98.6 degrees. If your body varies just two percent from its normal temperature, your temperature becomes 100.6 degrees, you have a fever and most likely feel terrible. Further, if you lay in the sun for just twenty minutes on a summers day, your body gets sunburn and you don’t feel well-this is from a sun that is 93 million miles away. So what happens to your body when you have surgery?

Healthy Coffee Gifts-KEMOSABE LITE Gourmet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/17/2016

Being a seventeen-year-old junior in high school I do not have a lot of extra money to spend. However, this Thursday is my Nana’s eighty-sixth birthday and I wanted to get her something she will enjoy. I know she loves coffee so I focused my attention to coffee gifts. I immediately eliminated coffee mugs since she has virtually every coffee mug you could image having travelled all over the world. I then thought about coffee gifts from around the world, perhaps an assortment of flavored coffees from different countries. After researching four websites I eliminated that idea because the coffee either contained to many calories or too much caffeine. I then turned my attention to healthy coffee gifts and came across Kemosabe Lite gourmet coffee.

What You Have Been Thirsting For-SIPPITY Iced Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/16/2016

Did you ever get an image in your head, that you keep thinking about? Such has been the case for the past several hours, ever since I saw a glass of iced hot chocolate sitting on a coaster next to a napkin holder on a table in our company cafeteria. Immediately after seeing this image my desire for a glass of iced hot chocolate began to grow. Why, I don't know. To be honest, I drink maybe five to six cups of hot chocolate over the course of the winter and very rarely iced hot chocolate in the summer.

Around three-thirty I finished my power point presentation for the company's second quarter operating results ant thought I would take a five-minute break. No sooner had I walked away from my desk than the image of the glass of iced hot chocolate from the cafeteria surfaced. While, the image of the glass of iced hot chocolate looked refreshing I popped four quarters into the company vending machine and got a Coke Zero. For the next hour I sat at my desk working on my next assignment-an aging schedule for our company trade receivables-sipping my Coke Zero. Suddenly, the image of the glass of iced hot chocolate popped into my mind. This time I stopped my work, looked up and began to think not only about the image but why it had suddenly pooped into my head. While I was sitting at my desk, appearing to be dry dreaming, Lynn, a new employee that I had wanted to ask out for the past month startled me.

Quality Time With Grandma-KEMOSABE Chocolate Hazelnut Instant Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/12/2016

“When is Grandma coming, Mommy?” I asked referring to the time my Grandmother said she would be here to babysit me for the afternoon while my Mommy goes to the doctor.

“She said she would be here by lunch,” my mommy replied. “Why’s that?

“Because Grandma told me we were going to play make-believe and I have my doll house all set up and the coffee is ready.”

“What kind of coffee are you serving her?”

“Maxwell House.”

“Here Sadie. Make her some of this,” my mommy stated as she handed me a box of Kemosabe chocolate hazelnut instant coffee.

“Doesn’t Grandma like Maxwell House?”

“Yes, honey, she likes Maxwell House, but the last time she was here I gave her a cup of Kemosabe hazelnut instant coffee and she fell in love with it.”

Activate Your Within-Kemosabe Iced Gourmet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/10/2016

I am the owner of Matt’s Bicycle store in Pleasantville, New York. For the past two hours I watched with tremendous desire to help, the men of Ladder 25 of the Pleasantville Fire Department work exceedingly hard in ninety-degree heat fight, and eventually extinguish, a fire at the supermarket down the street. The fireman are now packing their gear and hoses in the middle of the street. They appear to be exhausted.

“Here guys,” I called out as I approached holding a tray of ten glass mugs of Kemosabe iced gourmet coffee. “Help yourselves,” I added placing the tray atop a coiled hose.

“Thank you, sir,” one of the fireman called out as he took one of the mugs. Immediately thereafter the rest of the squad helped themselves to the remaining mugs of iced gourmet coffee.

Sweet Dreams-SIPPITY Chocolate Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/9/2016

“Here, honey,” my wife of 47 years stated to me as she handed me a letter I received from the makers of Sippity chocolate cinnamon hot chocolate. “To be honest, I never thought you would get a reply,” she added referring to the letter I had written the company asking them if I was unique in that I found drinking a Sippity chocolate cinnamon hot chocolate right before bedtime to be both relaxing and comforting.

After Delores had given me the letter I went into the family room, sat in my favorite chair and opened the letter.

“Dear Mr. Klassman:

A True Match-KEMOSABE French Vanilla Flavored Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/8/2016

“Wow! Is this French vanilla flavored coffee ever good,” my son, Connor, stated to me as we were sitting in the kitchen chatting over coffee. “I’ve been looking for a replacement coffee now for several months, ever since I stopped drinking Starbucks, which was too expensive,” he added.

“Well I’m glad you like it,” I replied. “It also comes in five other flavors-mocha, chocolate cinnamon, chocolate hazelnut, crème butterscotch and chocolate irish cream.

“Not to change the subject, Mom, but I met a wonderful girl that I want to tell you about,” Connor stated as I took a sip of my French vanilla flavored coffee.

“What’s her name?”

“Penelope,” he replied with a smile. 

The Diet Secret You Must Know-SIPPITY LITE Iced Diet Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/7/2016

You are absolutely frustrated with your weight. Over the years you have tried Weight Watchers, the Atkins diet, Nutrisystem, the South Beach diet, the Mediterranean diet the and the Ketogenic diet. You have even become a vegan at one point and ate just raw food at another point in your life only to find that all these diets have failed. So now you ask yourself, why? Why have I failed at these diets?

In order for a diet to be successful three things must come into play. First you must have a mental mindset to want to lose weight. Second, you acknowledge that you are willing to make a few life changes, that can be sustainable over time-eat better quality food, eat less of it, and exercise. Third, incorporate into your lifestyle healthy foods that you like. For example, I enjoy a Sippity Lite iced diet hot chocolate in the middle of every afternoon. I find that by drinking a diet iced hot chocolate in the middle of the afternoon it not only satisfied my desire for food, it provides enough energy for me work hard until dinner.

Everyone Will Notice-SIPPITY Pumpkin Spice Iced Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/6/2016

“Kendra, if you don’t mind could you please make six Sippity pumpkin spice iced hot chocolates for our meeting,” I asked my administrative assistant referring to a meeting that was to begin in ten minutes with a potentially, fairly large, new client.

“That’s a rather unusually drink for this time of year,” she replied.

“What do you mean? It’s 102 degrees out. I think they will appreciate it.”

“No, I meant the pumpkin spice. Pumpkin spice is usually associated with the fall.”

“Trust me, Kendra, everyone will notice and appreciate the refreshing taste of the pumpkin spiced iced hot chocolate.”

Ten minutes after my meeting had begun Kendra arrived with six glasses of pumpkin spiced iced hot chocolate on a wooden tray. No sooner had she entered the room than the CFO from the group interrupted the meeting by stating, “Humm, that smells delicious.”

You Can’t Beat Zero-KEMOSABE 100 % Gluten Free Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/5/2016

“Monica, I have absolutely no idea what to get your father for Father’s Day,” I stated to my daughter moments after she entered the family room, where I was watching Ellen. “He doesn’t need a thing. He has every tool you could imagine and he has so many polo shirts some of which have never been worn” “Perhaps a tie?”

“No, that’s boring. I want to get him something he will enjoy.”

“How about a weekend away?”

My reflex reaction was, “That’s a wonderful idea,” but after thinking about it for a few seconds I added, “but that’s too expensive.

“I got it!” Monica declared with interest. “Remember about two weeks ago when Dad was telling us about a chocolate cinnamon single serve coffee packet his friend at work gave him. Remember how he specifically ended the conversation when he said, ‘You can’t beat zero’”, referring to the fact that the coffee was 100 % gluten free coffee.

“I remember. He talked about it for a good three minutes because he finally found a gluten free coffee that tasted delicious.”

“Do you remember the name, Mom?”

“Let me think for a moment.”

A Light Bulb Moment-SIPPITY Iced Chocolate Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/4/2016

“Your cell phone is beeping,” I said to my wife as we were driving home from work indicating that she had received a text message. “Who is it?” I anxiously asked as I placed the container of Sippity iced chocolate marshmallow hot chocolate I was drinking into the cup holder.

“It’s Anna,” she replied, referring to our thirty-year-old daughter. “She got a new boyfriend,” she stated as she was reading the message. “His name is Avery.”

“That’s a rather odd name,” I curiously stated.

“Like Ebony & Avery,” my wife replied.

After taking sip from my container of Iced marshmallow hot chocolate I said, “It’s Ebony and Ivory, not Avery. You know, the lyrics that Paul McCartney wrote,” referring to the ebony and ivory colored keys on a piano keyboard that are placed side by side.

Somewhat embarrassed, she replied, “Well, anyway, his name is Avery.”

“Did she send a picture?”

“No, but we’ll find out more tomorrow.”

Your Ultimate Travel Companion-KEMOSABE Single Serve Coffee Packets

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/2/2016

Most of us will be traveling at some point this summer-be it for a vacation, business travel, weekend camping or simply visiting a friend for a long weekend. When we are traveling we try and being many of the comforts of home with us to make our stay that much more pleasant. One of the things I always bring with me is Kemosabe single serve coffee packets. Let’s face it, if you’re like most people your day simply cannot begin without your coffee, which means if you’re traveling you will have to find an alternative to your brand of coffee, which means you have introduced change into your life. And we all know what happens when change is introduced into our lives.

Nutritionally Awesome-SIPPITY LITE Iced Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 6/1/2016

“Jackie, do you know how long I had to look to fine a nutritionally awesome iced sugar free hot chocolate drink like this Sippity Lite chocolate cinnamon iced sugar free hot chocolate?” I asked holding up the container of iced chocolate cinnamon sugar free hot chocolate towards me that I had just purchased from the Down Under Café, a café run by two Aussies.

“Given how picky you are, probability a long time,” I replied.

“You bet ya,” I proudly answered. “I worked so hard losing 48 pounds since last September that I am very particular now in my food and beverage choices.”

“And it surely shows. Look at you Kelly. You weigh 113 pounds and you have a figure that is stunning.”

“Thank you, Jackie. Although you’re in fairly good shape it’s important to eat and drink healthy,” I suggestively replied. “You’ll feel better for it. Take this container of Sippity Lite iced chocolate cinnamon sugar free hot chocolate for example,” I added holding up the container. It contains less than 2 grams of sugar, has 87 calories, 42 fat calories, zero cholesterol and zero sodium. It also is 99.9 % caffeine free and 100 % gluten free.”

“But what does it taste like?” Jackie curiously asked.

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