Enjoying KEMOSABE Gourmet Coffee To The Sounds Of Chrips

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/31/2015

Enjoying Gourmet Coffee To The Sounds Of ChripsThe chirping sound awoke me at 3:48 AM. At first I wasn’t sure what it was I was hearing as I was still half asleep. Shortly after 4 AM the chirps became constant, each at equal intervals. I came to realize the noise was coming from the smoke detector on the wall immediately adjacent to my bed. The battery must have “died” during the night causing the smoke detector’s battery alert system to be activated.

There is a well know saying in life, “The only two things in life that are certain are death and taxes.” Well I want to add another thing to that statement. I’m sure you will agree the person who invented the smoke detector did it with two features in mind. 

Instant Coffee-The Greatest Invention Ever?

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/30/2015

Instant Coffee-The Greatest Invention Ever?Have you ever been asked, “What is the greatest invention of all time?” After giving it some thought you might answer air conditioning, the microwave, the wheel, the internet, the “doggie-door”, instant coffee or something else, perhaps the cell phone, if you’re a teenager or young adult.

If you live in a humid climate you could make a strong case for air-conditioning. Think about the comfort air-conditioning gives you as you drive, sleep, fix your hair or put on make-up in the morning. This could be the answer. Or, perhaps the microwave is the answer-after all, it saves us substantial time when we are preparing a meal, and not to mention, it makes great popcorn, too. If you have a dog, you surely will vote for the “Doggie-door” since the door enables you to go about your day without having to return home to take care of “Fido”. 

Cheers-To KEMOSABE Gourmet Coffee And Found Sunglasses

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/29/2015

Call me what you wish, I’m not the first person to drive away having left their sunglasses on the roof of their car. Today, my wife, Barbara, and I are at the mall looking to replace my sunglasses that are now “vacationing” at a Sunoco gas station on I-80 about 15 miles west of Du Bois, Pennsylvania.

As late afternoon began to set in, I was becoming hungry and extremely frustrated that Lord & Taylor, Dillard’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and even the Sunglass Hut didn’t have my Ray-Ban navigator sunglasses, you know the aluminum ones with the green polarized lenses that cost $195. Sensing my frustration, Barbara suggested we get a bite to eat.

Forget Brewing Coffee-Its KEMOSABE Instant Coffee Time

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/28/2015

Forget Brewing Coffee-Its Instant Coffee TimeDid you ever wonder why one day you wake up feeling great, while other days you wake up feeling drained or not motivated? Well, this morning was one of those days. I woke up feeling great and full of energy.

Like every morning for the past 40 years my day began with my morning coffee brewing ritual. “Fresh coffee”, I said to myself as I pulled a new container from the cabinet. Without thinking I twisted off the cap and pulled at the sealed foil, but it would not tear open. Now, like a wild animal hungry for food, I yanked and tucked at the foil. Still no luck, so out came the knife to cut it open. Five minutes later I poured a cup of deliciously smelling brewed coffee. I then pulled a new gallon of milk from the frig, set it on the counter and began to twist its cap. “Come on,” I whispered out of frustration as I exerted some pressure to my next twist. 

Home Party Idea-Fruit Loop Iced Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/27/2015

Last year I missed my son’s 5th birthday because I had to work overtime delivering a train load of cargo containers that were released earlier in the week as a result of the Port of Los Angeles strike settling. I pledged to myself then that I would never miss Craig’s birthday again (they grow up so fast). To make it up to Craig, this year my wife and I decided to have a sleep over birthday party and invited six of his friends.

It was shortly after 6 PM when the kids finished the hot dogs Emily had made. I could see from the look on their faces that the 3 hours in the pool this afternoon and the hot dogs was not getting them excited. They needed something special. I looked to Emily, “They need to be ‘Imped out’”, I declared. She immediately knew what I meant and headed for the kitchen. 

Delicious Drinks To Make At Home-Mocha Moment

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/26/2015
The thermometer on the side of the house reads 106 degrees but it feels more like 115 degrees with the humidity. My wife see’s my tee-shirt is completely soaked through but realizes I only have about a half a yard of mulch to haul to complete garden renovation so she decides not to interrupt me.

Twenty minutes later with the wheel barrow safely stored in the garage and my tools put away I returned to the backyard, where I found my wife sitting at the outdoor table. “I thought you would enjoy this”, she stated, as my eyes saw this delicious iced coffee topped with whipped cream and garnished with cinnamon spice and cinnamon sticks sitting in the middle of her favorite wooden serving tray. Wiping the sweat from my forehead I took a sip. “Well if this isn’t a mocha moment I don’t know what is”, I happily stated. “Where did you find this recipe?”

Profitable Fundraising Ideas For The New School Year

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/25/2015
Profitable Fundraising Ideas For The New School YearI just volunteered to be in charge of fundraising for the senior prom at my daughters high school. The first thing I did was contact Amber, the person who was responsible for last years fundraising. Amber told me last year 328 seniors attended the prom held at the Innwood Country Club and it cost a staggering $24,687! She also told me that she held dance-a-tons, washed cars, sold candy, cookie dough, Tupperware, candles, popcorn, magazine subscriptions and wrapping paper. She even told me that they had a basket raffle at Christmas and sold bulbs and flowers in the spring. What was I thinking"ť, I thought to myself after I hung up with Amber. "Too many events," I proclaimed. There has got to be a better, more efficient way to raise money."ť

Over the course of the next 3 days, I spent many hours researching fundraising ideas and how to fund them. I made a list of the key features I wanted in my fundraising program.

After Workout Treat-KEMOSABE Iced Mocha Gourmet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/24/2015
After Workout Treat-Iced Kemosabe Lite Mocha Gourmet CoffeeI pledged to myself last month when school ended I was going to go to the gym over the summer and return to school more toned, more conditioned and with more stamina and drive. Today, as I laced up my sneakers and readied myself for the gym, I took mental inventory of my progress. The conclusion-not so good. I missed many days, haven’t been pushing myself, have been going though the same daily workout routine and haven’t been eating right-not enough vegetables and fruits and too many carbs, although heaven knows my 108 lbs body doesn’t need to lose any weight. 

Traveling to the gym permitted me to change my mental state, which has now motivated me to want to workout and “get ripped” for the first day of school. Once at the gym 

Summers Best Tasting Instant Coffee-KEMOSABE® Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/23/2015
Summers Best Tasting Instant Coffee-Kemosabe CoffeeSummertime-that time of year when the days grow longer, the air is fresh and warm, street fairs occur, carnivals come to town, the kids are home, vacations are taken and life is good and enjoyable. So, its time to ask yourself do I really need as the first thing in my morning to jump in the car, drive 5 minutes and then wait in line for another ten minutes for my coffee, latte or cappuccino? Or do I need the hassle of mixing and cleaning up the mess of making freshly brewed coffee? No, you conclude as set out for the supermarket to find the best tasting instant coffee you can find.

The Gourmet Coffee Deck Story

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/22/2015

For the past 2 years I have wanted to replace the old deck on the house we purchased shortly after we got married with a much larger one. Last weekend my friends helped me rip down the existing deck, rough out the ground and haul away the deck debris. All week long my focus was on the upcoming weekend when I actually would begin building the deck. At work, my attention was not on my work but on designing a plan for the layout of the footings my lunch hours were spent purchasing supplies and my evenings spent racking out the ground to get it as level as possible. I was as excited as a little boy at Christmas who awaited Santa.

Finally, Saturday arrived. With hammer, string and stakes in hand I walked onto the immaculately level ground of my new deck site. My moment of manhood glory had arrived. Over the next 4 hours I measured the ground, hammered in the stakes and strung line onto the stakes, standing back with the addition of each new strung line to proudly acknowledge my work. Shortly after noon I hammered the last stake into the ground and attached the string. 

A Clubhouse Hole In One-KEMOSABE Iced Flavored Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/20/2015

Its late afternoon on a very hot, hazy and humid 94-degree day and I'm out playing golf for the very first time (everyone thinks that since I'm a baseball player I'll naturally be a good golfer) with my three friends at Silver Spring Country Club in Ridgefield, CT. All day each of them were playing close to par while I was playing 6-8 shots over par-per hole! We're now at the 398 yard, par 4, 18th hole. I hit first, driving the ball high and long-straight down the middle of the fairway and what appeared to me to be a shot that went over the horizon. It reminded me of when Hercules threw the discus in the first Olympics-it went so far it went beyond the curvature of the earth. This was a once in a lifetime shot-a shot I'll surely, never, ever repeat.

A Delicious Coffee Fix For The Monday Morning Blues

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/19/2015

6 AM Monday morning. The alarm clock awakes me. One eye manages to squint open while the other eye remains shut, full of sleepy sand. My hand hits the snooze button and I roll over to enjoy 15 more minutes of shear comfort. Several minutes later I begin to wake up. I try to generate some form of energy to get me up and going. I stare at the ceiling and begin to think about the pleasant memories of the weekend. First a smile comes to my face, then another and then outright laughter. The snooze alarm goes off interrupting my moment of joy. I hate Monday mornings, I thought to myself as I swung my legs out of the bed and ready myself for the trip to the dark, cold kitchen to make some delicious coffee.

SIPPITY Iced Hot Chocolate-A Refreshing Summer Drink

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/14/2015

Most people associate hot chocolate as a beverage that is only consumed during cold weather months. The fact of the matter is research indicates about 20 % of people that drink hot chocolate consume it year-round regardless of the season or where they live. In addition, my research indicates that about 20 % of the people that drink hot chocolate drink it as a dessert after dinner.

                                        "A really delightful, healthy dessert..."

                                             Kenney Newhouse-Chicago, IL

What Is Meant By Gourmet Coffee?

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/13/2015

What Is Meant By Gourmet Coffee?Ask any connoisseur, aficionado or master brewer who markets coffee and they may tell you gourmet coffee is a stimulating drink created from coffee beans found in exotic shrubs or trees grown in the tropics of Asia or African countries. They might also try and convince you that “gourmet coffee” should demand a premium price citing the coffee’s unique preparation process of drying, grounding or roasting the bean to crate a highly unique flavor.

Delicious Drinks To Make At Home-Queens Nightcap

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 7/12/2015

Delicious Drinks To Make At Home-Queens NightcapIt’s 9 PM and your cuddled on the sofa with the best selling summer novel you purchased this afternoon. The kids are asleep. Your spouse is watching something on TV that you couldn’t care less about. You’re anxious to begin reading, but something is not right.  Your taste buds explode recalling the “Queens’ Nightcap” Kemosabe Crčme Butterscotch flavored gourmet coffee recipe you discovered earlier in the day while browsing the internet under, Southwest Beverages-Delicious Drinks to Make at Home.

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