Saying Goodbye To Your Daughter At College With Gourmet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/16/2015

Yesterday was one of the most difficult days of my life. It was the day I said goodbye to my oldest daughter, Tori, who was starting college in three days. The morning started off like every Saturday morning, breakfast with Kenny, my husband, Tori and our two boys, Kane-16 and Deshi-14, except this morning I had prepared Tori’s favorite breakfast-blueberry pancakes, bacon and a scrambled egg. Within seconds of me sitting down, my eyes began to tear. I knew this would be the last Saturday breakfast we would have as a family for next three months. “It will be OK, Mom,” Tori comfortingly said, as she gave me a hug and I cried in her arms. “Thanksgiving will be here before you know it.”

The drive from our home in Peabody, Massachusetts to Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont was a little less than four hours. With the exception of the last half-hour of the drive, when I realized my time with my daughter was dwindling, I said virtually nothing. I thought about all the joy Tori has brought into my life. She was my only daughter and my best friend. Upon seeing the first sign for Middlebury College I began to cry uncontrollably. The realization that I was dropping my baby off at college became overwhelming. I don’t know how I’m going to get through the next two hours,” I thought quietly to myself as I wiped my eyes with a tissue, while Kenny patted my knee. 

Fundraising Ideas for the Hockey Team

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/14/2015

“I can’t believe in six weeks the boy’s hockey season starts,” I thought to myself as I looked out of the car window at the beautiful pink and blue hydrangeas that appeared to be in everyone’s front yard as we drove through Chatham on our way to Nauset Light beach. “I’d better start to think of some fundraising ideas for the team.”

An hour later I called my two son’s-Ryan-13 and Craig-9 to stop body surfing and come out of the water for lunch. While we were enjoying the sandwiches we picked up at JoMama’s this morning on our way to the beach, I said to the boys, “You know hockey season starts in six weeks and I was thinking of some fundraising ideas for the team that I wanted to go over with you. Do you think that Derek LaRoch would be willing to sign a few jerseys and pucks that we could auction off?”

Walking the Planks With SIPPITY Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/13/2015

We were nearing the end of our week’s vacation at Yarmouth on Cape Cod so I decided to take my husband, Kent, and our two boys, Ryan-13, and Craig-9, out for a special dinner. From all the restaurant reviews I had read, I determined that we would go to the Naked Oyster in Hyannis.

While enjoying our appetizers of grilled Thai shrimp and crab cakes we reminisced about the good times we had this week: the whale watching trip we took from Provincetown, the rollerblading we did along the old railroad trail, getting ice cream at Buffy’s in Chatham and watching the Chatham Anglers play the Brewster Whitecaps, and of course the many beaches we enjoyed. “I’ll never forget that beautiful sunset at Herring Cove.” I stated.

A Delicious Iced KEMOSABE Gourmet Coffee Treat After Cutting The Grass

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/12/2015

One of the reasons Carol and I moved to Littleton, Colorado was to take advantage of the many outdoor activities nature provided. All week long I was looking forward to hiking the Meadowlake Trail in Deer Creek Canyon with her on Saturday. Saturday morning arrived and the weather was glorious-sunny, seventy-two degrees with low humidity. A perfect day for a hike, or so I thought. It seems that I had forgotten all about Carol wanting me to go mattress shopping with her since her sister was coming to visit on Wednesday and wouldn’t appreciate sleeping on our beautiful hardwood floor. 

“Plane” Jane Tries To Enjoy Her Iced SIPPITY Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/11/2015

“I hate to do this to you, Jane, but as the partner in charge of the McKinney Steel account I need you to fly to Chicago tonight to be on hand first thing in the morning to supervise the reinstatement of their second quarter financial statements. It seems the SEC has taken issue with the way they have accounted for their employee options.” 

An hour later, while I was on my way to Sky Harbor airport, I received an instant message from my secretary. “Delta flight 0424, Terminal 3, Departs 6:17 PM, Gate 9, Seat 29B. Arrives-O’Hare 11:58 PM. Sorry to put you in the middle, Jane, but it was the only seat left.”

Ten minutes before boarding I stopped at the Kokopelli Deli and picked up dinner-roast beef on cheese bread with lettuce, tomato, onion and mayo and a large chocolate raspberry flavored iced hot chocolate. I couldn’t wait to get seated on the plane, relax, eat and enjoy my iced hot chocolate.

Want Delicious KEMOSABE Iced Flavored Coffee? Try This Trick

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/10/2015

Merchants charge a premium price for their fancy named “gourmet” coffee, which consumers pay because they are under the perception that they are purchasing a better quality product. But you ordered iced flavored coffee, which means as the ice melts the taste of the coffee begins to dilute itself from its original flavor. To compound this dilution, you add sugar and/or creamer to bring the coffee to your liking. The end result, you paid a premium price for a regular container of coffee because you converted the “gourmet” bean flavor to your everyday liking.

Now, if you had purchased Kemosabe® flavored coffee you would not have either of these problems when you make iced coffee. 

“Shore Thing”-SIPPITY Iced Chocolate Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/9/2015

The walk back to my hotel room is usually about 25 minutes, but tonight I decided to pick up some chicken at Jethro’s BBQ and enjoy dinner overlooking the Des Moines River. It wasn’t long after I became situated on a bench along the American Discovery Trail that the clear, flowing water from the river made me reminisce about growing up in Southern California. How I missed the salty waves, the sun on my face and the sand on my feet. “Two more days,” I thought and the “Capital Funding for Start-up’s” course I have been teaching at the Buchanan Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Drake University will be over and I can return home to La Jolla.

I hope you don’t mind, honey, we’re going to the beach today with my sister and her kids,” my girlfriend of nine years, Linda, called out from the kitchen. “Paul’s away and I know how much my Cindy and the kids love the beach,” she added.  

Relaxing With KEMOSABE Gourmet Coffee On The First Day Of School

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/8/2015

I have always found the first day of school to be exciting and rewarding but boy does it come with a price. This year, my twin boys, Ryan and Craig, will be attending kindergarten. I have spent most of the summer preparing them for school. We practiced how to sit still, how to wait and how to listen. I read them numerous books about school and all the fun things it has to offer. Hopefully my efforts will enable me to enjoy a few hours of personal time every day before they come home at noon. 

Start The Day On A Solid Foundation with KEMOSABE Instant Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/7/2015

"Bridget, the builder just called and told me they poured the foundation yesterday," I said to my wife as I walked into the bathroom where she was putting on her makeup. "How exciting," she announced with excitement in her voice, as she gently stopped applying her eye pencil to her eyelid while turning to face me.

"Let me just finish putting on my makeup and then we can go over to the construction site."

"Here," I stated, handing Bridget a container of her favorite creme butterscotch instant coffee after she made herself comfortable in the passengers seat. During the fifteen-minute drive to the construction site of our new home, Bridget and I talked about life's memorable moments,", you know, those moments in your life when your children are born, their first day of school, their graduation, their wedding day, picking up your first new car and building a house. "Wow!" She proclaimed, after she took a sip of her coffee. "This is the best instant coffee I've ever had," she added as she placed her other hand around the container and returned it to her lap.

Getting The Third Degree With KEMOSABE Gourmet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/6/2015

“Excuse me, sir.” I politely stated, looking down over the wooden dividing panel that separated me from the student studying on the opposite side of our cubical. “You’re shaking the desk so hard that my coffee spilled.”  Startled by my demand, he hesitated for a moment then replied, “I’m sorry, but I’ll be here for the next five hours studying for my finals tomorrow and I need to erase a lot. There are other cubicles, so why don’t you move?” Surprised by his answer and his demand that I move, I reached down to my desk, grabbed my eraser and dropped it down on his book, firmly stating, “Well, if you’re going to be erasing that much you’re going to need a second eraser!” 

No More Long Lines To Get Gourmet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/5/2015

Yesterday, I had agreed to meet Gloria, the company’s payroll service provider, at the Coffee House Cafe at 8 AM to go over the files of several new employees. I arrived ten minutes early and decided to sit outside since it was such a beautiful morning.

Immediately, I noticed a line of about 9 cars waiting to place their orders at the drive-thur window. As the company Controller, one of my job responsibilities is to time all manufacturing activity for our standard cost-based accounting system. It only follows then that I timed how long it took the last several cars to get their orders. 20 minutes was the average. “Unbelievable,” I thought. “What a waste of time and gas.”

A half-hour after our meeting had concluded I was back at the office. A few minutes later, my executive assistant, Jennifer, entered my office holding the month’s performance reports in one hand and a cup of steaming hot coffee in the other.

“Good morning, Frank. How was your meeting with Gloria? She asked.

With my eye focused on her coffee cup, I asked, “Would you wait in line in your car 20 minutes every morning to buy your coffee?

Fundraising Ideas For The Band-KEMOSABE Gourmet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/4/2015

As President of the Riverton Band Booster Club I was absolutely delighted when Mr. Heartworthy, our band director, told me of the letter he received from Macy’s requesting our presence to be the lead marching band in this years’ Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. This is the most exciting thing to happen to our band since the day I-the tubby tuba player-fell while running onto the field to dot the “i” in Riverton at our state championship football game back in ‘84.

“How am I going to quickly raise the $54,000 needed to send our sixty-two-member marching band to New York?” I asked myself, while sipping a cup of Kemosabe chocolate cinnamon flavored coffee and looking out my office window down onto the parking lot. For the next hour I focused my attention not on my work, but on making a list of fundraising ideas that could fund our event. “No,” I thought as I scanned the list. “These events are too small. Think big.” Suddenly, a brilliant idea came to me as I looked at my almost empty coffee mug. 

Recipes That Use SIPPITY Hot Cocoa Mix-Flavored Fruit Bowl

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/3/2015

So it’s the beginning of the new work week and you’re feeling guilty about the 4 beers, potato skins appetizer, baked ziti entree and cheese cake dessert you ate on Saturday night. You make a decision-to begin to eat healthier. You make a mental note to stop at the supermarket on the way home tonight to buy chicken, asparagus, lettuce and rice.

 You open the refrigerator door looking for some breakfast food only to be met with a barrage of now “unwelcomed” foods left over from the weekend-onion dip, pizza, chocolate layer cake and egg claires. Like Ponce De Leon searching for the Fountain of Youth, you now begin your search for healthy foods. You push aside the Heineken and find a box of raspberries. “Good”, you silently proclaim as you grab hold of the box and pull it from its “evil” environment. You return to the refrigerator, this time pushing aside the ketchup, pickles and mayonnaise jar to find a box of strawberries. You place it on the counter next to the raspberries and out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of a bunch of bananas and tomatoes in a bowl on the kitchen table.

A Hetric Days Treat-SIPPITY Iced Chocolate Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/2/2015

Did you ever have one of those days when everything, and I mean everything, goes wrong? This was the case on Friday when, no matter how much I tried to manage the day’s events, it seemed that all the world’s “forces” were against me.

I had planned on leaving work around 1 PM to re-register my car at the DMV before it closed at 5 PM. What I didn’t expect was to loose a filling at lunch. It’s my fault actually, chewing on a Tootsie-Roll on my way from the cafeteria back to my office. Stupid! Just stupid! The receptionist at the dentist’s office told me if I could be at the office by 2 PM he would stay and fix my tooth.  On the way to the dentist’s office, the “check-engine” indicator light came on in the instrument panel of my car. After I got my tooth filled, and a good lecture from the dentist, I headed to the emissions inspection center. 

SIPPITY Iced Hot Chocolate-A Treat For The Dog Days Of August

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/1/2015

Today we flip the calendar and it reads, August 1st. Immediately our minds conjure up childhood memories of the hazy, hot, humid and sultry “dog days of August” when we would ride our bikes to the corner store for ice cream, when we would go on a family vacation to the “shore” or when Fido had no energy whatsoever to move from his place in the shade to play fetch. 

In ancient times it was believed the hot weather we experienced between mid July and mid August was the result of Sirius, the Dog Star-the largest star in the “Great Dog” Canis Major constellation-aligning itself with the sun to produce a higher than normal energy heat level.

Ask a baseball enthusiast and they will tell you the “dog days of August” are when major league baseball shifts into overdrive. 

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