Enjoying KEMOSABE Gourmet Coffee To The “Sounds Of Silence”

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/31/2016

This morning as I was sitting quietly in my kitchen enjoying a cup of my favorite gourmet coffee, Kemosabe french vanilla gourmet coffee, I began to think about the concept of silence.

From the time we wake up to the time we go to bed we are constantly bombarded with man made sounds. Phones ring, radio play, televisions blare, machines operate, children play and conversations are continuous. Everywhere noise is amidst. This everyday environment leads one to ask, have we as a society created a world that is at odds with the silence of our very creation; the silent universe, the silence of  life’s development within the womb or the silence that nature provides when standing in the woods and gazing up at the stars? Is the stress and hostility we experience everyday a function of us being at odds with the silence of our inner self?

The Difference Between Hot Chocolate & Hot Cocoa MIx

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/29/2016

Interestingly, may people use the terms “hot cocoa” and “hot chocolate” interchangeably and most people don’t think there is a difference. While both beverages can be topped with whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, peppermint sticks, sprinkles, or even orange slices, there are differences between hot cocoa mix and hot chocolate.

The original recipe for hot cocoa came from the Aztec. The beverage they drink was far heavier and much richer than we are accustomed to. Cocoa beans grow in a pod in tropical climates, typically in Central America as well as a few other places in the world. The process of making hot cocoa mix begins by scoping them out of their pods, splitting the beans open and letting them ferment and dry. The fermentation is what gives the cocoa the taste we love. The fermented beans are then press under tremendous pressure so that the fat (also called cocoa butter) is removed (the cocoa butter is then used for lotions and creams). The cocoa power is then processed, which creates a rich chocolate taste. Manufacturers then add additional ingredients to provide us with a hot cocoa mix that is smooth and consistent and one that we have come to enjoy.

On the other hand, hot chocolate is made from ... 

Get Off The Sidelines-KEMOSABE Iced Crème Butterscotch Flavored Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/27/2016

I used to be one of those parents that sat on the sidelines of his kid’s soccer game rooting his team on while enjoying a container of Kemosabe iced crème butterscotch flavored coffee. Admittedly, some of Jason’s games where so boring, particularly when he was first playing at age 7, that I seemed to look forward more to getting my container of Kemosabe iced crème butterscotch flavored coffee and enjoying it at his game than watching the game itself. That was until this year when I met Anna, Jason’s freshman high school soccer coach. It was now time to get off the sidelines.

No sooner had I walked into the classroom to attend Jason’s orientation for freshman soccer than my eyes immediately locked into Anna’s, turning me from a responsible 47-year-old divorced father to a guy that had the excitement of a high school kid going on a first date. For the next half hour, I sat there with the other parents listening to Anna describe the upcoming schedule, her sports philosophy and her expectations of parental involvement and support. Every time Anna looked in my direction and our eyes met I felt passion. She knew it and I knew it. We both couldn’t wait for her orientation speech to end so we could meet.

Memories Of My Wheel Barrow With Delicious Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/26/2016

If only this red wheel barrow could talk it would tell you stories of how it worked in Connecticut carrying 55,000 pounds of gravel to make a curtain drain or how it mixed 108-25 pound bags of cement to make the footings for a deck. It would tell you how it hauled 20 yards of mulch each spring to beautify the garden around the house were it occasionally rested.

My reliable wheel barrow. Now over thirty years old it has withstood mud, ice, rain, heat and leaves-oh, yes, the many beautiful colors of the Connecticut autumn leaves. Once fallen from their mighty limbs these leaves had to be wrapped in a bed-sheet and halted away in my wheel barrow to their recomposing pile for the winter only to be returned by my wheel barrow in the spring to fertilize the grass.

A Good Day Begins With KEMOSABE Instant Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/25/2016

Were all familiar with the tune from the play Annie, “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” which your probability singing now as you read this blog. It is an uplifting song that promises a better day for tomorrow. We all had those days in our lives when tomorrow simply has got to be a better day than today. It is these days that inspire us, that give us hope and that, for me, begins with my favorite coffee-Kemosabe chocolate cinnamon instant coffee.

Within seconds of tearing the Kemosabe instant coffee envelope open the aroma from its chocolate cinnamon contents begins to excite me. As I place my mug of water into the microwave to heat for sixty seconds, I pull up the shades in the kitchen and am greeted by the glorious rays of the sun, which feel good hitting my face. The microwave beeps signaling me my mug of water is now hot. I remove the mug and take it to the counter where I left the opened envelope of Kemosabe instant coffee. Gently I pour the chocolate cinnamon flavored contents into the mug and then stir. The chocolate cinnamon aroma now radiates the air alerting my senses that momentarily I will be enjoying the delicious taste of Kemosabe chocolate cinnamon flavored instant coffee. I cradle both my hands around the mug prior to taking my first sip. As I take my first sip, I close my eyes and savor the moment. The taste of the instant coffee fulfills the much needed comfort my body was longing for this morning. I slowly walk back to the kitchen window. There I again cradle the mug of instant coffee in my hands and let the warmth of the sun comfort my face. 

“Killer” Hot Chocolate-SIPPITY Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/24/2016

“I really enjoyed that walk,” Karen, my wife of twenty-seven years stated after we returned from our late evening walk along the half-mile shore of Lamoine Beachto our vacation cottage on Hodgkins Lane. “Can I get you anything?” Karen asked as I took my seat in a wicker rocker on the front porch.

“Yes, actually, can you bring out my sweatshirt when you come back?  A few minutes later Karen returned, with a quilt in one hand and the NYPD sweatshirt I had received two weeks earlier as a gift from one of the guys at my retirement party from the 57th North homicide division. “You know, Karen,” I said as I began to slip the blue hooded sweatshirt over my head. “They say there are two seasons in Maine, Winter and August.” Before I could finish my thought, the sound of a police cruiser’s siren drew closer. Karen and I watched as it raced past our house down Lamoine Beach Road towards “Lickity Splits” ice cream shop. “Let’s go, Karen,” I firmly stated to my wife.

 “Where are we going?”

 “We’re going to follow that cop car!”

Understanding Gluten, Gluten-Free Products and Gluten Free Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/23/2016

One of the most consumed proteins we, as humans, eat is gluten. Gluten is formed when the molecules gliaclin and glutenin bond. The gluten protein, more commonly referred to as gluten, is found in grains such as rye, barley, wheat and a cross between wheat and rye call triticale. To about one-percent of the population the briefest exposure to gluten can cause an immune reaction powerful enough to severely damage the brush like surfaces of the small intestine, a medical condition known as Celiac Disease. With respect to the remaining ninety-nine percent of the population, about 6.5 % complain annually of some form of discomfort after eating products that are known to contain gluten-a condition more commonly known as non-celiac gluten sensitivity. To remedy Celiac Disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity syndrome one must eat a gluten-free diet.

Perfect Your Figure-SIPPITY LITE Iced Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/22/2016

“Wow! Sharon, you look great,” my friend, Lauren, stated to me when she saw me today, the first day of our senior year in high school. “You lost so much weight,” she added.

“Hi Lauren, and thank you for your kind words. I actually lost 28 pounds over the summer by working out, watching what I was eating and drinking plenty of Sippity Lite iced sugar free hot chocolate.”

“You have to tell me the details, particularly about the Sippity Lite iced sugar free hot chocolate, since I have been trying to lose 25 pounds for over a year now but with little success.”

“Well, Lauren, the explain to you how I actually lost 28 pounds would take fifteen minutes. Why don’t we meet up when we have our free period at 10 AM and I’ll explain it to you then over a Sippity Lite iced sugar free hot chocolate.”

“See you at 10.”

I got to the student cafeteria shortly after 10 AM, got two containers of Sippity Lite iced chocolate cinnamon sugar free hot chocolate, a table in the corner and waited for Lauren to arrive.

High Impact Fundraising Ideas For The School Year-SOUTHWEST BEVERAGES

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/21/2016

“Thanks for coming,” I said to Paula, Kristin and Christina, three of the Moms who have agreed to work with me this school year on the fundraising committee for the Colorado Springs Pikes Peak High School. “Ladies, the reason I invited you here this morning was to discuss with you the various fundraising events I want to plan for the school year and to tell you a little about the products that will we be using to fund each of our fundraising ideas.”

“Don’t we have a choice in the products?” Kristin asked.

“Ladies, with all due respect, I know each of you were involved with the PTA’s fundraising ideas for the past two years and have held a number of events such as car washes, dances and movie nights and have sold endless products such as popcorn, candy bars, trail mix, candles, magazines and the ever “popular” cookie dough. Ladies, while the students appreciate your fine efforts, there are easier ways to raise the money we need to fund this year school’s events.”

“Such as?” Paula curiously asked.

Your Best Defense Against A Sweaty Summer-SIPPITY Iced Chocolate Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/20/2016

You just slipped on your pretty summer Ralph Lauren dress and felt refreshed from the shower you had just taken 10 minutes earlier. You feel energized and ready to face the day for it is Friday, the last day of the week, payday and you have a date tonight with a wonderful young man you meet a week ago. You step out of your apartment on Leland Avenue in the Bronx only to be met with, yet another, hazy, hot and humid “dog day” of August. You begin your twenty-minute walk to the subway but after just 5 minutes your body and face begin to fell sticky from the 94 percent humidity. You know you’re only going to feel more uncomfortable as you complete your walk to the subway and then stand on the crowded, hot train for another forty-five minutes until you arrive at your work destination-42nd Street in Manhattan. You arrive at the subway but before you get on the train you realize you must do something to combat the sweat that is now pouring off your face and body. You decide to stop at Bestie’s Cafe, get a tall container of Sippity iced chocolate raspberry hot chocolate and sit to cool off.

Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Moments-KEMOSABE Caffeine Free Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/19/2016

Today my three girls, Samantha-age 10, Brittney-age 9 and Megan-age 7, woke up “wired”. They had more energy than I think they even knew what to do with. Perhaps because it was the end of summer vacation and they were anxious for school to start tomorrow. Nevertheless, I had my hands “full” curtailing them until they decided to play “Olympics”, which seemed to calm them down and which allowed me to take a well-deserved break.

Shortly after 10:00 AM I made myself a cup of Kemosabe french vanilla gourmet coffee and headed out to our back deck where I quietly sat and enjoyed my coffee.  The reason I like Kemosabe coffee is not only for its taste but because it is caffeine free coffee and “heaven knows” the last thing I needed in my body this morning was caffeine.

Suddenly, Samantha, Brittney and Megan come running out of the house dressed in their black gym leotards, each holding their gym bags and headed directly for our picnic table, where Brittney yelled out, “I’ll go first.” Intrigued by their entrance, I took a sip of my Kemosabe caffeine free coffee and then returned the cup to my lap and watched with anticipation as to what was to come next. After the girls had placed their gym bags off to the side of the picnic table Brittney began her routine on the bench portion of the picnic table. It didn’t take me long to figure out that Brittney was imitating the balance beam portion of the Olympics gymnastics program, which the girls and I watched last night. 

SIPPITY Hot Chocolate For Dessert Is Not Lame

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/17/2016

"Do you guys want any dessert?” my wife called out to me and my 12-year-old grandson, Mark, from the kitchen of the house we were renting in Chatham on Cape Cod.

“I’ll have a cup of Sippity chocolate cinnamon hot chocolate,” I called back. “There seems to be a bit of a chill in the air tonight,” I added.

“You’re so lame, grandpa, Mark firmly stated. “Hot chocolate for dessert?” he questioned.

“I have it all the time. It relaxes me. You should try it.”

“Mark, honey, can I get you something for dessert?” my wife called out.

“Tell her you want a cup of Sippity chocolate marshmallow hot chocolate,” I whispered, trying to edge Mark on.  “It’s not as lame as you think.”

“I’ll have a cup of Sippity chocolate marshmallow hot chocolate, grandma.”

Five minutes later my wife come onto the deck holding a tray containing three cups of hot chocolate. “Here’s your chocolate cinnamon hot chocolate, dear,” she stated when she handed my cup to me. “And here’s your chocolate marshmallow hot chocolate, Mark,” she stated handing Mark his cup.

“Thank you grandma.” Mark replied.

Last Chance At Summer-KEMOSABE Iced Chocolate Irish Cream Flavored Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/16/2016

“Hey, Frankie, it’s Jerry,” is how my best friend greeted me when he called me this afternoon. “Jason, Bobby, Stephen and Vinny are all going “bar-hopping” tonight because it’s their last chance at summer before everyone heads back to college on Thursday. Want to come? All the girls are coming”

“You know me, Jerry. I’m always ready to hang with the guys, except as you know, I don’t drink.”

“I know, Frankie, and we all respect you for that. You can be our designated driver then.”

Later that night I had picked up the guys and we headed to the “Dirty-Dog” Traven on Tremont Street. No sooner had we entered the traven then Vinny yelled to the bartender, “Three pitchers of Bud, Sammy,” as he lead us to two tables in the side of the traven. A few minutes later, Julia, our waitress, deliver to our table three pitchers of Bud. As everyone began pouring their beers Vinny looked to me and said, “Sorry, Frankie. I’ll order you something else.”

“I’ll get it myself,” I replied out of frustration as I got up and headed towards the bar.

SIPPITY Gourmet Hot Cocoa Mix-A Gift Worthy Of A Best Friend

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/15/2016

Almost every day last winter my best friend, Joey, got off the school bus with me at the end of the school day and came to my house where my mom always had waiting cookies and hot chocolate. Today is Joey’s birthday, which also happens to be the first day of school.

“Happy birthday, Joey,” I stated to my best friend when I saw him at the bus stop this morning. “Are you coming over this afternoon? My mom wants to know. She has a present for you.”

No sooner had Joey replied, “yes,” then the bus arrived to take us to the Jefferson Middle School.

“Good to see you guys again,” the bus driver stated as Joey and I walked up the steps of the bus. “Happy birthday, Joey,” the bus driver added.

Later that afternoon Joey got off the bus with me at my house and when we got inside my mom gave Joey a big hug and said, “Happy Birthday, Joey. Let’s start the school year off right. I made chocolate chip cookies and iced chocolate marshmallow hot chocolate for you guys.”

“Wow! Mrs. Danielson,” Joey stated as he entered the kitchen and saw two talk glasses of Sippity iced chocolate marshmallow hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and fruit loops.

Wish. Dream. Drink-Up-Iced Kemosabe French Vanilla Gourmet Flavored Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/14/2016

Every morning I run five-miles. I’m not a professional athlete but just a regular guy who likes to stay in shape. Every morning after I complete my run I take a shower and then sit down quietly and enjoy a nice talk glass of iced Kemosabe french vanilla flavored coffee. Last night I had a dream that I was running in the Denver marathon and after winning the race my girlfriend, Jackie, handed me a large container of Kemosabe iced french vanilla flavored coffee.  When I awoke this morning I, of course, realized it was a dream, but nevertheless shared my dream with Jackie. From the time I swung my feet over the side of the bed and headed for the closet to put on my running outfit I kept thinking how delicious an iced Kemosabe french vanilla flavored coffee would taste. I couldn’t get it out of my head. “Later, after your run,” I whispered to myself as I laced up my running shoes and headed for the front door to begin my run.

Relax On Vacation With KEMOSABE Single Serve Coffee Envelopes

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/13/2016

You work hard all year so when it’s time for vacation it’s time to relax. It’s time to make life simple and enjoy yourself. Create memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. One way to make your life simple on vacation is to bring along Kemosabe single serve coffee envelopes. Offered in six delicious flavors-mocha, chocolate cinnamon, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate irish cream, french vanilla and crème butterscotch, each single serve coffee envelope contains just the right amount of creamer, coffee, sugar and flavoring for your enjoyment. Simply empty the contents of the single serve coffee envelope into a cup or mug of hot water, stir and enjoy. It’s that simple. 

SIPPITY Iced Hot Chocolate-Stay Cool All Summer

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/12/2016

“Can we stop soon, Mom, and get something to drink?” my 9-year-old son, Tyler, asked in frustration as we were sight-seeing on the streets of New York City on a hazy, hot and humid summers day.

“As soon as I can find a place. I promise you we will stop,” I replied. No sooner had I said that then I looked down 42nd Street and saw Pershing Square Café, a boisterous but elegant turn of the twentieth century tavern located directly across the street from Grand Central Station.

“What can I get for you and your son?” the clerk asked as we approached the counter.

“What would you recommend on such a hot day?” I asked.

“I think a tall container of Sippity iced hot chocolate would cool you off,” he replied.

“That sounds great, Mom,” Tyler replied. “What flavors do you have?”

Before the clerk could complete his first three words, “We have chocolate,” Tyler interrupted with excitement in his voice and pronounced, “I’ll have that!”

“Well then,” I said to the clerk, “he’ll have a medium sized chocolate flavored iced hot chocolate and what other flavors of hot chocolate do you have?”

Summer’s Status Symbol-KEMOSABE LITE Iced Diet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/11/2016

“We have to go over and say hello,” my best friend Gary said to me as two of our high school classmates, Melissa and Kristen, entered the pool area of Hillsdale Country Club, each holding styroform containers.

“What do you think is in the containers, Gary?” I replied.

“Whatever it is it has to be this summer’s status symbol or they would never have shown up here drinking them,” Gary added, referring to the fact that we were at the most exclusive country club in north Dallas, the “summer camp” for very rich kids.

“Excuse me. Can you watch our chairs for ten minutes?” I asked the woman sun tanning herself in the chair next to us as Gary and I got up and looked towards Melissa and Kristen. No sooner had Gary and I gotten within ten feet of Melissa and Kristen than I was able to read the logo on the side of the container-Kemosabe Diet Coffee.

The Talk Of The Party-SIPPITY Flavored Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/10/2016

Every year, on the second Saturday in August, my family holds its annual family reunion. This event, which is more like a party than a reunion, has been going on now for 112 years. It is the event of the year as far as I’m concerned. Most families live within 50 miles of the event site, which is Randolph, Wisconsin, however, many travel from as far away as six hundred miles. What makes the reunion fun is that everyone brings their signature dish of food to share with the “family”. This year, in addition to my signature dish of chicken fajita stuffed peppers, I decided to bring Sippity flavored hot chocolate because last year everyone complained once the sun went down that they were cold.

“And I thought my key lime pie would be the favorite dessert, Karen,” my aunt Madison stated to me as she was taking a sip from the container of Sippity chocolate cinnamon flavored hot chocolate she was holding. “What a great idea to bring flavored hot chocolate for everyone to enjoy after dinner,” she stated, “although I must admit I absolutely loved your chicken fajita stuffed peppers.”

A Chill Free Summer-SIPPITY Hot Chocolate Mix

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/8/2016

Over the past twenty-two years my father has founded and developed our family frozen food distribution business in Harville, Delaware, which service’s central and southern Delaware. While I have worked on and off in my father’s business during high school, the business has expanded such that my father has given me the summer job of working nights assembling the orders in the freezers for the next morning deliveries.

 “Here, you’re going to need this,” my father said to me as he handed me a box of Sippity chocolate marshmallow hot chocolate mix as I was about to open the front door to leave for work.

“Dad,” I replied looking down at the box of Sippity chocolate marshmallow hot chocolate mix, “it’s 80 degrees out.”

“After you work in the freezers for about an hour, you’ll be glad I gave you this,” he added, referring to the fact that the temperature inside the freezers were set at 15 degrees and after about an hour of working in them you need something warm to drink. 

Take Your Summer Back-KEMOSABE Iced Flavored Decaf Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/7/2016

The “Dog Days” of August are upon us and as a result, for the most part, our overall body movement becomes a bit sluggish. But this does not have to be. Take your summer back. Enjoy the rest of the summer, plan summer activities-go to the beach, have a picnic or simply sit under a shade tree and enjoy a nice cold container of Kemosabe iced flavored decaf coffee.

Sometimes in life our most memorable moments are the simple ones. For example, sitting under a shade tree and enjoying a nice cold container of Kemosabe iced flavored decaf coffee with your girl-friend or spouse on a hazy, hot and humid day and reminiscing about the good times or discussing the hope that the future might bring is more pleasurable then going to the water park or auto track for the day. 

August Isn’t An Option-SIPPITY LITE Iced Diet Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/6/2016

“Good afternoon, New York City. Your listening to the drive home show on WKOR, where the current temperature is 97 degrees. I’m Joe Morrision, so let’s get the show on the road. Lori, what’s the situations on the roads?” I asked our helicopter reporter.

“We have a ten minute back up at the Queens Midtown tunnel going into Manhattan, the east bound LIE is at a crawl due to an accident at the merge with the Cross Island Parkway, the Throggs Neck, Whitestone and GW bridges all look good. Next traffic report in 20 minutes.”

“Boy does this iced diet hot chocolate ever hit the spot,” I stated to our summer intern, Terri, who just handed me a 20-ounce container of Sippity Lite iced diet hot chocolate as a reminder to begin our 60 second commercial for Sippity Lite iced diet hot chocolate.” Hey, to all our listeners at Jones Beach today who are seeking relief from the “dog-days” of summer, if you want to enjoy a very refreshing drink, that’s low in calories, and has no caffeine, do what I'm doing now-drink a Sippity Lite Chocolate marshmallow diet hot chocolate over ice. Stay cool all summer with Sippity Lite Iced diet hot chocolate. Available in six delicious chocolate flavors-chocolate, chocolate marshmallow, chocolate cinnamon, chocolate raspberry, chocolate strawberry and chocolate peppermint. Remember, the heat and humidity of August is not an option.”

Make An Entrance-KEMOSABE Flavored Gourmet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/5/2016

Today I am so excited because I start my first teaching job at the Sandra Day-O’Conner Middle School in Glendale, Arizona this after graduating from the University of Arizona three months earlier with a BS in American history. I was told report at 7:15 AM for about a one-hour orientation from the principal before the day was to begin. I decided to surprise my co-workers by bringing them two boxes of my favorite coffee, Kemosabe flavored gourmet coffee.

I arrived at the orientation room about a half hour early so that the extra time would permit me to properly set-up the assortment of pastries I bought a half hour earlier from Cindy’s Bakery and display the five flavors that came in each of the Kemosabe gourmet coffee flavored collection boxes-mocha, chocolate cinnamon, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate Irish cream and French vanilla. 

Put Yourself Out There-SIPPITY Iced Chocolate Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/4/2016

“Do you mind picking up a loaf of french bread on your way home,” my wife Michelle asked when she called me at my office 6:20 PM.

“No problem,” I answered referring to the fact that I would be stopping at Walmart on my way home to pick up a loaf of french bread to go with the spaghetti and meatball dinner Michelle was making.

“When will you be leaving the office?”

“In about five minutes. I just about to make myself a Sippity iced chocolate raspberry hot chocolate.”

“Humm, that sounds delicious.”

“It is. I’ll tell you what, Michelle, I bring home for you one of the single serve raspberry hot chocolate envelopes so you can have and iced raspberry hot chocolate for dessert.”

Fifteen minutes later I walked into Walmart carrying my container of iced chocolate raspberry hot chocolate, which was now half empty, and headed directly for the bread section. On my way I could not help but notice a young woman inputting prices into a calculator she was holding as she shopped for school supplies for her children. Seeing her brought back memories of when my children were young and money was “tight”.

When In Doubt Go With A Friend-KEMOSABE Instant Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/3/2016

“Hi Debbie,” I said to my best friend when I called her on Friday night to see if she would come with me tomorrow to choose an apartment. “I have already narrowed my search down to three apartments,” I added then describing each. “I’m so undecided and I need your opinion and support.”

The next morning Debbie arrived promptly at my apartment where I had been in the kitchen making myself a cup of chocolate cinnamon Kemosabe instant coffee. “Boy, that coffee sure smells delicious?” she asked.

“Would you like some? It’s Kemosabe chocolate cinnamon instant coffee,” I stated.

“Yes please. That would be nice. Where did the name Kemosabe come from?”

“It means trusted friend. Here, read the back of the box,” I answered as I handed the box to Debbie. “It explains the meaning of the name in more detail.”

“For the next three minutes Debbie sat quietly at my kitchen table reading the back of the Kemosabe box then replied, “Kemosabe. Trusted friend. I’ll have to remember that.

“So, I as I told you last night today we are going to see three apartments that I like but can’t decide on,” I stated as I poured eight ounces of water into a mug and placed in into the microwave. “As my best friend, I value your opinion.”

“So, Cindy, what exactly are you looking for?”

The Perfect Summer Time Snack-SIPPITY LITE Iced Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 8/2/2016

All of us have had those summer days when the heat and humidity has overwhelmed us and as a result you don’t want to eat. Don’t worry it’s OK. However, you must stay hydrated particularly when the “dog days” of summer arrive. I found that a nice cold glass of Sippity Lite iced hot chocolate not only provides the hydration my body longs for, but it is down-right refreshing and healthy.

For example, last week I was in Las Vegas, and as anyone who has visited the city knows you walk a lot. What made it particularly difficult last week was the fact that the weather was 108 degrees. Yes, the hotels and casino are air-conditioned but you first have to get there. Feeling sluggish on a number of occasions when I arrived at the various hotels, I found myself ordering a Sippity Lite chocolate raspberry flavored iced hot chocolate. Immediately, upon consumption, I had regained my composure and was able to enjoy playing at the Black Jack tables most afternoons.

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