Falling In Love With KEMOSABE Delicious Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/28/2016

“How’s the new job?” I asked by best friend, Vicky, who had just started a new job at the Wyndham Riverside Suites as their assistant manager.

“The jobs great, Angela, but I need to meet and tell you about the date I had last night with this guy I met at my yoga class last week.”

Three hours later I arrived at the Alamo Café on E. Crockett Street in the River Walk section of San Antonio, and took the liberty of ordering Vicky a Kemosabe chocolate cinnamon flavored gourmet coffee. Moments after the waiter had brought my coffee order, Vicky, arrived and immediately began telling me about the new man in her life. “His name is Billy. Billy Lamont. He’s the marketing director for Ticonderoga Pencil Company; you know, they make the number 2 pencils you used in school as a kid.” 

Generation Encore-SIPPITY Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/27/2016

Your parents grew up drinking Nestle or Swiss Miss hot chocolate, which at the time they thought was a treat. After all, gourmet hot chocolate, for the most part, was not as readily available then as it is today. Today’s young generation, the millennial generation, is looking for that gourmet hot chocolate mix that they view as their generations encore. AND they have found it in Sippity gourmet hot chocolate mix.

Simply put, Sippity gourmet hot chocolate mix is a premium quality gourmet hot chocolate mix that is offered fair price and in a variety of favors that appeals to the demands of the millennial generation-chocolate raspberry, chocolate cinnamon, chocolate peppermint, pumpkin spice and chocolate strawberry. All the ingredients come from the best American suppliers and is manufactured in Tucson, Arizona. Sippity gourmet hot chocolate mix also offers the consumer a full 2 ounces of products while all its competitors only offer about ¾ ounce of product. In addition, Sippity was designed to mix with 8 ounces of hot water, while nearly all its competitors offer their products to mix with 6 ounces of hot water. 

Tip A Canoe And KEMOSABE Gourmet Coffee Too

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/26/2016

“Jason, I’m really looking forward to our canoe outing this afternoon,” I started to my new boyfriend as he sat in my kitchen drinking a cup of Kemosabe french vanilla gourmet coffee. “I never been out on the lake in a canoe,” I added with excitement in my voice. “I’m looking forward to it.”

“It’s a lot of fun, Joyce,” he replied. “I’ve been going out on the lake in our family canoe ever since I was a little boy. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, particularly with a lady as lovely as you.”

“How do you like the french vanilla gourmet coffee?” I asked trying to divert the attention away from me.

“To be honest, Joyce, it’s the best tasting instant coffee I think I ever had. Strong french vanilla aroma, great taste and full bodied. Just my kind of coffee.”

“Since you like it so much, I’ll make a thermos to take with us on the canoe.”

“That sounds perfect,” Jason replied. “Well, if we’re going canoeing today we had better get started.”

Hello Houston We Have A SIPPITY Hot Chocolate Mix Problem

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/25/2016

“Hello Houston, we have a problem,” I stated in a calm voice from aboard the International Space Station to Tim McAllister, Mission Control Commander in the Chris Kraft mission control room at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Before I could utter the next sentence I heard Tim order, Jeff Benites, the EECOM engineer (emergency environmental and consumables system engineer), and Monica Thornton, the FIDO engineer (flights dynamics officer in charge of shuttle performance, ascents and de-orbits) to have their teams ready for an emergency situation.

“What’s the problem?” Tim asked in a very concerned voice. “We’re out of Sippity hot chocolate mix,” I replied. 

I Earned The Right To Pick My Own Coffee-KEMOSABE LITE Sugar Free Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/23/2016

“Do you want to come food shopping with me, Melissa?” I asked my 19-year-old daughter who was home for the weekend from the University of Georgia.

“Sure, Mom. Just give me five minutes to finish putting on my make-up.”

“I don’t have a lot of time today for food shopping, Melissa, so let’s make it snappy,” I firmly replied.

Twenty-minutes later Melissa and I entered the supermarket and found ourselves in the produce section. “Melissa, I’ll get the fruit and vegetables, and if you don’t mind, you can get the spaghetti, marinara sauce, pickles, teriyaki and coffee.”

“Sounds like a plan to me, Mom. I’ll be back in a few.”

Five minutes later Melissa met me in the deli section where I was waiting for my cold cuts order. “What’s this?” I asked as Melissa placed a box of Kemosabe Lite chocolate irish cream flavored sugar free coffee in the basket.”

It’s A Comfort Drink-SIPPITY Chocolate Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/22/2016

“Must you keep the air conditioning on such a low setting?” my wife of twelve years asked after the alarm clock had awoken us at 5:15 AM. “It’s freezing in here,” she added referring to the 68-degree setting.

“You know I can’t sleep unless it’s cold in the room,” I answered.

“Well cold is one thing, but freezing is another,” she angrily replied as she threw the covers off and got out of bed. “I’ll be downstairs. I need to make a cup of Sippity chocolate cinnamon hot chocolate to warm up.”

A few minutes later I was in the kitchen making a mug of chocolate cinnamon hot chocolate, wrapped in a blanket I use to keep warm when I watch television. As soon as the mug of chocolate cinnamon hot chocolate was ready I cradling it in both my warms in an effort to warm my hands. I stood there for a good thirty-seconds cradled mug in hands and savored the moment. I then took my first sip. “Ah,” I whispered as the rich creamy taste of the chocolate and the sweet spicy taste of the cinnamon came together to provide me with immediate warmth and comfort. After I had taken my second sip, I made my way outside to our patio where the warm Palm Springs air greeted me. There, in the dark, I sat for the next fifteen minutes enjoying the warmth of the air and the comfort my mug of chocolate cinnamon hot chocolate provided.  

Awake To The Ultra Smooth Taste of KEMOSABE Chocolate Hazelnut Instant Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/21/2016

“Jimmy, do you smell that?” I asked my husband who was snuggled under the covers next to me in the queen size bed in the guest room in my son’s house in Vermont.

“It smells like hazelnut coffee,” he replied as he sat up in the bed. “Now I smell bacon and toast,” he added.

“It’s just like Michelle to get up early and prepare us breakfast,” I stated. “She’s like that, always looking after other people. I’m going to get up and go downstairs and help her.”

“I’ll be down in a few minutes,” Jimmy stated, as he rolled over in the bed and pulled the covers over his head like a bear who just entered hibernation.

“Good morning, Michelle,” I stated as I walked into the kitchen where Michelle was tossing the beacon. “The smell of the coffee woke me up. What kind of coffee is it?”

“It’s Kemosabe chocolate hazelnut instant coffee,” she pleasantly answered. “Doesn’t it smell delicious?”


“Do you want a cup?”

“Yes, Michelle, that would be wonderful.”

Getting “Framed” While Enjoying SIPPITY Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/20/2016

“I see that you sell hot chocolate,” my wife Lisa asked the counter clerk at the Brown Bag deli on Eagle Street in Concord, New Hampshire. “Do you have any flavored hot chocolate?”

“Yes,” he replied. “We have Sippity chocolate marshmallow, chocolate cinnamon, chocolate peppermint, chocolate raspberry and, of course, pumpkin spice,”

“Humm,” Lisa injected. “They all sound delicious.”

“All can be topped with whipped cream if you wish,” the clerk added completing his sentence.

“I think I’ve have the pumpkin spice, with whipped cream,” Lisa stated to the clerk.

“And I’ll have the chocolate raspberry,” I said. “I also have some whipped cream.”

While we were waiting for our order Lisa and I began sorting through the many pictures I took this afternoon of the fall foliage on my new Canon EOS Rebel 35 mm camera, which she had given me three days earlier as a present for my 29th birthday.

Comfort & Cozy-KEMOSABE Mocha Flavored Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/19/2016

Don’t you just hate it when you wake up on a Monday morning and you have to go to work in rain. I do, particularly when I have to walk three blocks to get to the subway, then stand in a hot and humid subway car for thirty-five minutes, only to have to walk another three blocks to my office when I get off the subway, all in the rain. I hate it.

This morning I awoke to the sounds of raindrops hitting the pain of glass on my bedroom window. I laid in bed for a good ten minutes before I decided to get up and make myself a cup of Kemosabe mocha flavored coffee. I have found that on depressing days like today the aroma from the mocha flavored coffee arouses my senses and makes me feel happy. Such was the case today. No sooner had I finished stirring in the contents from the Kemosabe mocha flavored coffee envelope into my mug of hot water did I find myself cradling my hands around my favorite red mug, rising it to my noise and talking a good long smell. After I had taken a few sips I made my way back to my bedroom where I paced the mug on my window sill and got back into bed. For the next ten minutes I laid in bed all comfort and cozy, drinking my mocha flavored coffee and looking out of my window at the neighboring buildings. Should I take the day off? I thought. After all I haven’t called out sick in about three years. 

You Won’t Believe It’s Gluten Free-KEMOSABE Gluten Free Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/17/2016

“I’m very much looking forward to this Thursday night,” I stated to my teammate, Samantha, when I called her this afternoon to the plan the beverage items for the party I was planning to celebrate our soccer teams first place finish in the summer league. “I think we should keep it simple, perhaps just Coke, 7-UP, Brisk, water and coffee,” I suggested.

“That sound fine to me,” Samantha replied. “But I’m concerned about serving regular coffee to Leslie, since she has celiac disease. She can only have food and beverages that are gluten free.”

SIPPITY Chocolate Cinnamon Hot Cocoa Mix-Hmmmmm

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/16/2016

This morning I awoke to the crisp, cool air of autumn, which was very refreshing particularly after a summer of hazy, hot and humid days. The cool air reminded me that it was time to buy some Sippity hot cocoa mix. There is nothing that relaxes me more than enjoying a cup of Sippity chocolate cinnamon hot chocolate while seated in my adirondack chair on my front porch in the evening. As a matter of fact, this is what I am going to do tonight, sit on my front porch in my adirondack chair with my wife and a cup of Sippity chocolate cinnamon hot chocolate watching the rise of the harvest moon over the Catalina mountains. If you really want to experience something from nature that is truly breath taking watch the harvest moon as it rises tonight.

“Honey, I’m going food shopping,” my wife of thirty-eight years stated when she came into the garage where I was sharpening my ax. “Do you want anything?” she asked.

“Actually, yes. Can you pick up a box of Sippity hot cocoa mix?”

“What flavor?”

“Chocolate cinnamon.”

“Hmmmmm, that sounds delicious,” she enthusiastically replied. “What’s the occasion?”

Kandice With A K-Like In KEMOSABE Instant Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/15/2016

This is my first “Meet & Greet” meeting with the Young Entrepreneurs of Tucson after I joined the group last month. Having just opened my event planning business I heard that I could pick up a lot of valuable contacts and leads by meeting people from this group. Haven knows did I need contacts after all I just relocated from Dayton, Ohio following my divorce from my husband of fourteen years and where I worked as an event planner for The Oak Mountain Country Club.

Prior to me leaving my office at 4:45 PM for the 5:00 PM meeting, I made myself a container of Kemosabe chocolate hazelnut instant coffee. I found that Kemosabe instant coffee relaxes me since it is caffeine free and today the Young Entrepreneurs meeting had me anxious. Coffee in hand I arrived at the meeting a few minutes before 5:00 PM to find several large groups of people standing around speaking to one another. Before I could join any of the groups the President of the Young Entrepreneurs called the meeting to order. Seeing that I was by myself a rather handsome middle aged man approached me and asked he I would like to join his group at his table. I smiled and accepted. No sooner had we been seated than he asked me my name. “Kandice,” I replied, smiling at him. “Kandice with a K,” I added. “Like in Kemosabe instant coffee,” I whispered holding up my container of coffee with the Kemosabe logo facing him.

Enjoying The Miss America Pageant With SIPPITY Flavored Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/11/2016

Ten years ago my husband surprised me and our three teenage girls with a trip to Las Vegas to attend the Miss America pageant. At first I thought the trip was a little “corny” but I must admit it was one of the most exciting events I ever attended. Ever since then we make it a family event to watch the Miss America pageant on TV as a family.

Prior to the show each of us submit five contestants who we believe will be the five semi-finalists and one of them to be the winner. While we have no prize to give to the winner it makes for a fun filled night. My husband most often picks at least three of the five semi-finalists and has picked Miss America in 4 of the last five years. He attributes his success to studying the girl’s talents, personality and looks against what he knows about the judges. Tonight should be fun, as it is the first frost of the Montana season so we will put a fire on and enjoy our favorite Sippity flavored hot chocolate while we watch the pageant. 

Putting “Trust” Into Your Gourmet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/10/2016

This morning, while I was enjoying my Kemosabe French Vanilla flavored gourmet coffee, I told my wife about the medical diagnosis my doctor gave me yesterday. After a ten-minutes conversation she told me to get a second opinion, which I certainly will do.

After my wife left the breakfast table, I sat there and thought about what had just transpired relative to the concept of trust. I though about the level of trust I had in my doctor, who while his diagnosis might be correct lead me to question my trust in him, yet I completely accepted my wife’s opinion with the utmost level of trust.

What is trust? 

The “Plane” Facts About KEMOSABE LITE Diet Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/9/2016

“We will begin the boarding process for American Airlines flight 1624 to San Francisco in a few minutes,” the American Airlines representative announced over the public address system signaling me to get up from the boarding area and head towards the neighboring Cloud Nine Café.

“I’ll have a medium container of Kemsoabe Lite chocolate hazelnut diet coffee,” I stated to the café clerk after the gentleman in front of me had paid for his order and moved to the order pick up area.

“Excellent choice,” the clerk replied. “Nice and healthy,” he added. “That will be two-dollars and twenty-five cents.”  

Ten minutes later I was headed down the isle of the plane towards my seat in 17-A carry-on in tow, pack-pack swinging from side to side while over my shoulder, pocket book in one hand and my container of coffee in the other. “Excused me,” I announced to the well-dressed middle aged man seating in the center seat. “I have seat 17-A.”

“May I help you with something,” the man announced after he had gotten up and stood next to me in the isle while I begin to pick up my carrying-on with one hand while holding my container of diet coffee in the other.

“Yes, please,” I replied, handing him the container of diet coffee.

Being Frugal While Enjoying Iced SIPPITY LITE Sugar Free Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/6/2016

As a young 23-year-old adult who has just entered the workforce as a computer programmer I was faced with a choice in life-to buy a new car or a used car. Weighing my choice to purchase a new car was the fact that I could afford a new car, my image to date around and the fact that it would be reliable and was under warranty. On the other side of the coin if I bought a used car I would not have car payments, the car might not be reliable and my image would take a “hit”.

Growing up my parents instilled in me the value of money. There are three ways to earn money-work for it, pay less and earn a return on your investment. This carried over throughout college as the limited funds I had to live on made me a very frugal person. “But, boy did I ever want that new Black Camaro,” I thought to myself. “I earned it. I went without for so long in college that it was time to treat myself.”

Thinking About What Is America’s Most Challenging Job With Delicious Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/5/2016

We all have seen the television shows, “Deadliest Catch” and “Alaskan Ice Road Truckers”, and concluded that these are extremely dangerous jobs that we would never exchange for our “cushy” office job. While these are no doubt two of the most dangerous and challenging jobs in the world it got me to thinking on this Labor Day about what is the most challenging job in the America.

Could it be a forest fire fighter, a logger, a body guard or perhaps a joy miner? Soldiers have an extremely dangerous job, after all people are trying to kill them, likewise for our policeman and woman. Or how about people that work high in the air-changing light bulbs on tall ships, lights atop a stadium or a crane operator on top of a skyscraper. One could make a good case for people that work with the public have the most challenging job-i.e. a taxi driver has to put up with unknown customers who could be drunk or disorderly, or both; or a flight attendant who has to smile and say “yes” to the irritating, annoying, obnoxious demands of her passengers; or the President who must live with his decision to send Americans in harms way.

Ready For A Summer Adventure? - KEMOSABE Caffeine Free Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/4/2016

“Are you guys ready for a Summer adventure?” I loudly stated to my friends waiting for me in the parking lot of Fry’s Supermarket on La Canada as I exited my car and began walking towards them holding a tray full of Kemosabe caffeine free coffee. “Today’s going to be a great day!” I loudly added. “Here, I thought we should start the day off right, so I brought eight containers of Kemosabe chocolate hazelnut flavored coffee,” I stated as I extended the tray of caffeine free coffee towards my college buddies.

“What a way to end the summer,” Hector stated as he took one of the caffeine free coffee’s from the tray referring to the fact that for our last “harrah” before the fall semester classes begin all of my college friends and their roommates decided to spend the day white water rafting in Mesa on the Salt River.

Finish Summer Strong-SIPPITY LITE Iced Chocolate Raspberry Hot Chocolate

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/3/2016

The Friday before the Memorial Day weekend, Andrew, my boss, called the entire accounting department staff into his office for a meeting. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had heard stories about meetings like this occurring right before a major long weekend holiday where the boss announces the company has been sold. As it turned out the purpose of the meeting was for him tell us about his mother who was just recently diagnosis with diabetes and to challenge us to a weight loss program. “The rules are simple,” he said. “Whoever loses the most weight as a percentage of their body weight by Labor Day gets $1000. And whoever loses the most weight gets $500.”

That night I told the members of my book club about Andrews challenge. Cynthia told me that she managed to lose 34 pounds by going to the gym for an hour a day and eating healthier. Ruth wished me luck and told us of how she has tried every diet “under the sun” to lose weight. Then Carol told us how she lost 20 % of her body weight. “It’s the Sippity Lite three reps per day diet.”

Pump Up The Adrenaline-KEMOSABE Gourmet Flavored Coffee

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/2/2016

“It’s time to pump up the adrenaline, ladies and gentleman,” my Captain loudly stated as he walked into the briefing room headed towards the podium. “Tonight there will be a full moon. That means that our serial killer most likely will strike again,” he added as I sat among my twenty-two colleagues of the Manhattan North homicide division holding a container of Kemosabe gourmet flavored coffee and listening intently to the Captain brief us about the serial killer that has put the “fear of God” into the citizens of the city. “As you know, we have four unsolved homicides all with the same “MO” and all taking place the night of each of the past full moons. Tonight we catch him!” the Captain firmly stated. The Captain then proceeded to talk through each detective’s assignment for the next ten minutes while I listened and enjoyed my mocha flavored coffee. The Captain then concluded the meeting with his standard closing line, “It’s dangerous out there. Be Safe Tonight.”

No sooner I had gotten up to discard the empty container of mocha flavored coffee than Detective Duncan Munkdale approached me. “Hi Bart,” he began, smiling at me. “I was sitting behind you at the briefing and I couldn’t help smelling the aroma from that coffee you were drinking. What kind of coffee is it?”

Enjoying My SIPPITY Iced Hot Chocolate While Waiting For My KFC “Rebar” Order

Posted by Southwest Beverages on 9/1/2016

“Hello. May I help you?” the young associate of KFC asked as she quickly hit the last few keys on her i-phone before she placed it in her apron.

“Give me a minute,” I stated, while looking up at the overhead menu board and taking a sip from the container of Sippity chocolate marshmallow iced hot chocolate I was holding.

Now ready to order I looked across the counter at the 18-year-old girl who had one hand in her apron pocket holding her i-phone and whose appearance struck me as lackadaisical.

“I’ll have a ten-piece hot wing, extra crispy, please, two chicken pot pies, a large mash potatoes and a small cole slaw. It’s to go.”

After she read my order back, I stated, “That’s correct.”

“Name, please?”

“Bob. B. O. B.”.

She wrote my name on the receipt and placed it under a make shift paperweight made out of rebar, then looked up smiling, “Your order should be ready in a few minutes.”

“Thank you”, I replied, as I took two steps backwards, took a sip of my iced chocolate marshmallow hot chocolate and begin my wait for her to process my order.

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